Why I Took my Youngest out of School

Both my children have been in speech since they were in preschool. My youngest seemed to do well in K and in 1st grade.  By the time he hit second grade I started noticing problems.  When he read he was skipping the small words. He wouldn’t put the plurals on, he would confuse letter sounds, and he didn’t seem to be able to spell very well.  I figured this was all due to a language delay he had because he had needed ear tubes and I didn’t know for like a year. He was learning fast and I thought this was just a side effect.

At the end of 2nd grade he had almost all D’s.  The problem hadn’t gotten better all year and so I asked the school to test him for a Learning Disability.  They held a Stat Meeting and the school decided it wasn’t necessary.  I trusted the school and they had decided to retain him.  I expected the result to be the same as with my oldest child. I looked for the sharp increase in grades and when halfway through school I did not see them, I asked for him to again be tested for a LD.  The Stat team again said it wasn’t necessary.  The teacher knew my frustration because this was the same teacher I had my oldest go to the second time around and we had become great friends.  She talked to the teacher from the year before and she had already been internet searching. She said she thought he had auditory processing disorder.  So I ran with that and went for test after test and it was all ruled out.  They said he did have some problem with background noise and so he sat near the teacher, she used a microphone in her class, and he used a whisper phone when he read to himself.  By the end of the year his grades were at C level but it wasn’t what I wanted.  I asked the school one last time to test him for a LD and they refused saying it wasn’t needed, that he would do fine next year and to not really worry about the grades.

I had mother’s intuition.  I knew something was not right.  The school could provide me no answers on why my child couldn’t sound out longer words, why he was still skipping words, and why he never put plurals on.  The speech therapist had been working on all this all year long and it wasn’t getting better.  I was sick of the school not testing him when I asked so I decided he was not going back.

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