Why I Homeschool

This page is a list of reasons why I homeschool my children.  I have made a few separate pages to tell you the stories of each of my children and how I came to decide to homeschool them plus our adventure in an online public school. They are a long read. Beware!

My oldest child has ADHD.  My youngest child has Dyslexia.  Here are the reasons why I homeschool.

  1. I was able to control my oldest child’s diet, therefore eliminating all ADHD medication.
  2. I was able to bring my youngest child up from a 1st grade reading level to a 3rd grade reading level in 6 months.
  3. My children have become closer to each other.  They still fight, but they seem to care more about each other.
  4. I can now have Bible as a subject in school and weave God throughout the subjects.
  5. My kids respect me more.  They listen when I talk, they don’t just roll their eyes and walk away.  ok well sometimes 🙂
  6. My kids attitudes about school have changed. They still don’t like school but they dont hate it and throw fits everyday because we do it.
  7. I like hanging out with my kids.  We can do fun stuff when we want to and aren’t bound by a classroom.
  8. My kids ask if we can learn about stuff and guess what? WE CAN!
  9. Sleep in Days and Pajama Days!! Any homeschool mom knows what I am talking about.
  10. My state requires 180 days for a school year. We don’t need to stop because of fog or snow delays. We can take a day or three if we are sick and we don’t get behind.  It allows us to get done with an earlier calendar year for our school and then actually have a summer to play, have fun, and learn life skills.

I’m sure there are more and as I think of some I will add them in.


6 thoughts on “Why I Homeschool

  1. None of the links above seem to be working. Since you mention being able to control the diet of your oldest child, I was wondering if maybe you were using the Feingold diet?

    • Here is the link to the first one. I got all them to open but I havent had a friend try it. https://simplyhomesteading.wordpress.com/why-i-took-my-oldest-out-of-school/ Here is the link for the second https://simplyhomesteading.wordpress.com/why-i-took-my-youngest-out-of-school/ and here is the link for the third https://simplyhomesteading.wordpress.com/online-public-school/ The diet I have him on isn’t the Feingold per say but that is a great place to start. I am actually moving the family towards Nourishing Traditions which is all about eating nonprocessed, whole, raw as much as possible, and grassfed butter, raw milk, grassfed meats. I rarely get anything from the store and usually make everything. I get bulk items and as much organic as possible.

      • Hmm, still taking me to an error page. I’ve tried it in IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Oh, well. I’ll try it again the next time I restart my laptop. We started with Feingold when my twelve-year-old was 8 and we pulled him out of school the first time, and have been doing an organic, grassfed, sustainably raised, mostly from scratch diet since about May of last year. We get our meats at a farm, raise a lot of our fruit and some of our veggies and get the rest at a food co-op or Trader Joe’s with the exception of milk (Organic Valley). Still trying to ease into goat’s milk from a local farm. Oh, and we have hens so our eggs are wonderful. Anyway, it was part of why I was happy to find your blog. Your food lifestyle seems very similar to ours. I find that difficult to find as most people seem to go vegan or vegetarian and there aren’t so many omnivores around.

      • Ok I fixed it and made a drop down bar thing. 🙂 It seems like we have a lot in common. We are still slowly switching over things, but hopefully by the end of this year all will be well. We only have a few processed food we can’t seem to live without so once I weed those out lol we will be great! I wish we had a Trader Joe’s here. We will soon be getting Whole foods so that will be awesome. We really have no resources out here. We don’t even have a good food co-op. All they can get me, I can get myself! You should look into The Healthy Home Economist blog, the Wesley Price foundation, and Nourishing Traditions.

  2. Thanks, I can read it now. I’ll check those out. Which online public school program do you use? We use the K-12 program through our state’s public school system. TJ’s opened here a month after we realized the extent of my son’s food allergies. It was a major Godsend.

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