Chicken Broth

I’m paging this broth recipe because it is used in a lot of recipes and this will help you find it easily.

Chicken Broth

1 chicken’s worth of bones

1 handful or so of veggie scraps


1/4 c. Apple cider vinegar

1 bay leaf

2 tsp salt (to start with)

1 tsp of pepper (to start with)

2 tsp of thyme

2 tsp basil

2 tsp parsley

(italian seasoning or any other spices of your choice)

Place chicken bones, apple cider vinegar, and veggie scraps into a crockpot. Fill with water. Place in spices. Cook on low for 24 hours. Stir and taste, add salt and pepper to finish it off to your taste.   When finished Strain off the broth, place in freezer containers and freeze or use right away.  ( I freeze them in 2 cup increments because most recipes will call for 2 cups.)


3 thoughts on “Chicken Broth

  1. Have you ever tried canning broth? Just curious.

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