What’s Wrong with you??

I get this question more than once a day. I wish I got paid for every time someone asked! I have a group of problems, most are food sensitivities due to leaky gut. I can’t eat what most people eat and even if I could, I realize it’s an addiction to sugar that is fueling it.

I decided to tell my story. It was a LONG story lol 40 minutes on a video. Here is the shortened version. I suffer from hypothyroid brought on by leaky gut that happened for God knows why. Due to my leaky gut, protein molecules pass through my intestine into my blood stream causing me to have inflammatory immune responses to foods. The list has grown due to molecular mimicry. That’s the nutshell, but if you are board and want to see the video, here it is.

I’ll apologize up front for the lack of great scenery, the tangents, the shaking of the camera at times, and the length šŸ™‚

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