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Hello, My Name is Eileen and I’m a Food Addict…

I have really known this for years but I’m saying it out loud today. It’s not that I’m addicted to all food. Maybe I should say I’m a sugar addict instead. You see I can totally moderate vegetables, fruits, meats, even carbs.. I dont miss them if I dont eat them. BUT if you take away any type of sugar, my body goes into a panic mode.


little-debbieI am convinced this cute little girl on the side of this box is the devil incarnate. Don’t let that cute face fool you. This “food” she is peddling not only is high in sugar but it also has addictive properties as well.

I recently read an article by the New York times that said an early study of sugar was discovered that showed it had issues but of course there was a coverup. So it’s no wonder I cant seem to help myself. Just looking at this picture makes me want some. Horrid stuff.

So what is a girl to do? Well get rid of and keep it out of the house. Surround herself with friends who don’t eat that stuff on a daily basis and go on a sugar free diet. Sugar free is really a bad word though. No processed sugar is more like it. Natural fruit sugars and vegetable sugars are totally fine.

It seems the more I read about my health and through my self diagnosis, I am finding more and more about how food is a poison that is really making us sick. It doesn’t seem like it but seriously look back and tell me why diabetes is so prevalent? Why is ADHD found in kids super young? Why has obesity become a serious issue? Why had cancer cases risen? Why are children going through puberty at 8 instead of 13? There are lots of things people could say like we didnt have the medical diagnosis we do now, but honestly stop..think.. dig into research.. There is so much we don’t know about the food we are now eating. Most of it are made from chemicals that are used in jet fuel, for embalming humans, for oil production, and many others..yet when anyone mentions it, people seem to pass it off as if it is untrue.

Did you know you can make plastic taste like anything? Smell like anything? This is scary! No one bats an eye at a frozen dinner, spagettios, soda pop, and even little debbie..yet all of these are made with a ton of preservatives to keep it on the store shelf. Things are added that dont have to be on the label if its less than a certain amount. People keep shoving these things in their body because its easy and cheap and then wonder why they got cancer when they were 30 with no family history…

I’m not exempt from all this either. I still buy some items like this for my kids. Now that I work and should be able to afford better food, I grab the easy cheap stuff to save money. It should be a crime to even have this stuff on our store shelves.  Can you imagine a world where the only things in the supermarket were the outside perimeter isles of the grocery store? I think people would starve!!

Hello, I’m Eileen. I’m a junk food addict. BUT I am trying to break the cycle because these poisons are killing me. I have food sensitivities to eggs, dairy, gluten, and peanuts. Why?? Not sure but not only has all of these foods caused me to gain 30+ pounds, they have also caused me huge inflammation flare ups, and have started attacking my thyroid tissue. Something caused all this.. Something is wrong with these items now. I used to be able to eat these all without any problems. Now I have a theory and many will disagree but some will not. My theory is that this all started with the rise of Monsanto. If you look back its been the same number of years since they started really heavily invading our food supply and my illness. The rise of antiboitics in cattle, the spraying of round up on GMO round up ready corn, wheat, soy… its all connected. Having lived surrounded by spraying of fields for 15 years and being exposed to groundwater that is sure to be contaminated has thrown my body for a loop and it is boycotting all those foods. My children are also having issues as well with not sleeping well, IBS, and ADHD.

So here is the Monsanto site. Monsanto has been around for years and years..slowly invading our food supply.. Saccharin… gee that has proven great for us.. IN 1994 introducing that bovine growth hormone into our milk supply..gee that worked out well.  Anyway take a look back at 2008 when my issues started. They had just developed that Round up Ready 2 Yield. There had to be something different in there.. and then look at all they’ve done since. That same year they added Acceleron® brand seed treatments. Then those would be added to corn in 2010. They were already in our sugar cane supply.. The new herbacides, the new GMO technologies, the “improved” vegetables.. we are eating all this every single freakin day. No wonder I’m sick!  Now to get the family off most of it… the challenge..

Happy Organic Homesteading!! (just watch where your seeds are bought from!!)  😀

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Craft Time

I’m sorry I havent been on the blog in over a year. I’m still trying to find myself lol. Just kidding. Life has taken many turns and I’ll blog more about that later but for now I wanted to show you some stuff I’ve been working on.

I love to watch youtube and I found a lovely cat loom knit pattern. I love loom knitting because I cant knit to save my life but have always wanted the coziness of  a knitted hat and scarf. It’s different than crochet. Anywho..I saw this cat and have a great idea for it.

Right now with Halloween coming I’ve decided to make orange and black cats and sell them on etsy and to friends on facebook. You can find links to both on the side bar. I am also going to make some pink ones with a little cancer charm hanging from the neck. All money for those pink ones will be donated to cancer research.

So without further ado here is my cute Halloween cat in orange!


Halloween Cuteness!!

Happy Homesteading!!!  😀

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