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The last few months

So the last post I put up was me juicing. At that time I was feeling absolutely fabulous. High energy and almost all my symptoms for fibro had disappeared. Yes I still had fatigue but nothing like I had in the past. Unfortunately the money was not there to sustain it. It was $100 for me to eat each week all three meals and then I had to feed my other 3 family members.

There just comes a point when you have to do what’s best for your family despite what you know is best for you. It took a whopping 2 weeks for my fibro symptoms to return to almost what they were before I juiced. And now its June 30th and I am sitting at work on the verge of tears because I hurt so bad today. It is at the point now that I am unable to really farm my farm. How horrid is that?!

We moved to a larger place because we were outgrowing our old. The things I love to do, I cant even find the energy to think about. The thought of having to butcher 1 chicken for dinner makes me ache. The thought of having to go out and weed for 5 minutes makes me want to stay in bed. The thought of getting out of bed, makes me want to stay in bed! This is horrible and sucks.  The worst part is, I’m not sure how to find a way to juice…. How do you make money appear that isnt there? I have done as much as I can by growing all my greens but that is only half of the juice. I still need to afford it all year even in winter when I cant grow that stuff.

I’m sorry that I havent written in months and the first thing I write is how my pain is dictating my life right now. But’s my life and the life of millions of other people who either havent found out that juicing rocks or cant afford it any longer like me.  I have to make a choice between farming and juicing. Its a little hard when you need to raise animals to feed your family nutritious food not full of pink slime or sprayed with ammonia when it means you are dying in pain and so tired you cant make it through the day.

Women sacrifice a lot for the sake of the family and many times their families dont even realize it. I hope some guy is reading this and finally realizes that his wife is awesome. I’m sure tomorrow will be a bit better with the pain but because I weeded the potatoes yesterday, I’m paying for it extra today. Such is my life.  Drugs are looking good again which sucks. It shouldnt be easier and cheaper to get a drug to hide your symptoms than to get actual REAL food that will cure you! My rant is over. I have two more hours I have to muster through of work and then I’m off to bed.


Happy Homesteading Peeps!   😀

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