Juicing/Eating Meal plan

Ok I thought I could get this to you a little sooner than planned but here it is. This is what I sat down for the last month and made so that my life would be easier.  Meal Plan This is a normal excel document. To the left you will see color codes. These are the color of juices for the day. Sometimes the breakfast smoothie and juice matches and sometimes it doesnt, but that is your color of the day. The goal is to eat that color of fruits and veggies as much as possible. Then you will see a list of food and juices listed along with lunches and dinners. Lunch and dinner I change depending on what I have around but for the most part lunches stay the same because I love these soups and stuff Joe Cross has. Then you will see a juice list.

The juice list is a Thursday through the following friday list. I grocery shop on a friday so I need my breakfast and juicing done for that day so I can take it with me shopping. So when you print out the first week, you will not be making the friday breakfast or juice to start the week, but the following friday will be added in the list because you will be shopping the next friday and will need something to take with you.  Understand?? As you continue on the last week’s juice list will include the juices for the first weeks friday 🙂   I really hope you get it lol.  That juice/breakfast list never changes for me so I’ve left the amounts on for you. If you find that you dont like an ingredient and have extras left over at the end of the week, then adjust accordingly.

This excel sheet was made for those who have already done or have printed off Joe Cross’s 10 day eating/juicing plan as most of the recipes are on there. It also has recipes in his cookbook that I would love to give you but unfortunately they are all of course copyrighted. Buy a book on amazon. Also if you need to make batches of the detox soup or any other soup or salad for lunch, that is NOT included in the juice list. The juice list is just that juice/breakfast only.  That is why farther to the right you will see a family list. The juicing/breakfast list is just for one person with the exception of the one I listed double for the kids. I have two kids. Also if you see I wrote double batch or water down…. I am making juice with my juicer. Yours will be different and you may end up with more than I get out of mine. I use wide mouth pint jars and the Juice recipe is to fill two of those. One for 10am and one for 2pm. Breakfast is whatever the amount is.

This has made my life mega easier because I made sure I alternated juice colors and each week has two green juices and two of another color. I can easily print out a week sheet and add my other stuff on and I”m out the door instead of trying to figure out what I need for what juices that week. Feel free to change it up, but this gets you an awesome start! Even if you just are going to juice for your snacks, you really should juice something each day.  Remember juicing is not blending. If you dont have anything left over when you put stuff in your machine, you are blending. Although good for you too, its not juicing. Juicing will let your body take a rest and not have to digest. The nutrients enter your body within 15 minutes. Blending is great too but your body has to digest the fiber along with it so the nutrients are slower to reach you. If you cant afford a juicer but have an awesome nutribullet or vitamix, then I’d still blend most of these recipes while you save for the juicer.

Oh and an FYI that I”m so proud of is that from Feb4th to March 18th I”ve lost 9 pounds!! My body loves this eating plan!

Happy Healthy Homesteading!!   😀

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