Tips on Living and Eating Healthy part 2

It was getting a bit long so I thought I’d do a two parter 🙂

Tip #7 Get a plan or make one! Many of us are busy, we dont have time to wing it. We will fall off the wagon and never climb back on because its hard. So here is what I’ve done. When I started I followed Joe Cross’s 10 day, juice/eating plan. I found out what shakes I liked, what I didnt and drank anyway 😦   And also what a plan looked like that I could live with. He gives a grocery list, recipes, and eating plan.  After I completed the first week I bought his cookbook. I’d recommend it but it wasnt quite what I was looking for. It has a lot of juices but I wanted more meals and he basically has non. Its ok but buy it used and cheap if you can. During the second week I started putting together a plan for eating long term. I wanted to do a month of breakfast, juices, and lunches that were already preset. All I had to do was make the dinner different. I wanted a set grocery list for each week so I could just print and go. I also wanted something that was available year round easily because winter is sparse and summer is abundant. I need the sparse that I could add too in the summer when I had more options. I also wanted basic ingredients I could grow each summer so I wouldnt have to buy. It took some work but I am on week 3. Joe color codes all his juices and so I made sure I got each color one day a week, two green days, and then added 1 more of another color. Make sure also that you have snacks waiting for that impulse eating binge you will go on!  Your body will act like it is starving because it doesnt know how to efficiently use what you are now putting in it. Your body will be like..”dude where’s the sugar? Hey I want fast food!  You over there..what is this stuff? I know the old stuff..I had to try to figure out where the nutrients were but this wait I dont have to work..its all right here..awesome!!” Pretty soon your body will be like..”dude this stuff is awesome.. I dont need fast food, that is too much work for me. Cake?? um if you want to but I swear its sweet so only a little!”   You will begin to see that the food you were eating was too salty, too greasy, too sugary, too much of everything except nutrition.

Tip #8 Dont sweat the small stuff.  “omg I’m on a strict 1300 calorie diet now and I want salad today. I’m craving this french dressing but its like 90 calories already and I want to over load my salad today. argh..I hate this diet”  First of all, its not a diet. Stop calling it that. Second of all, stop and think a minute. Why do you want a lot of dressing? Its about listening to your body. Did you do a veggie juice for your snack today? Did breakfast also not contain a lot of fruit? Your body might be telling you it needs a bit more sugar today then you’ve given it. After a while you wont have to think about it, you will learn to trust your body. Its something small, so dont sweat it. If you have 400 extra calories one day because you were starving its not going to matter. In fact, when I restricted so bad I actually stopped losing. It was when I loosened the reigns a bit and stopped sweating the small stuff, did I start losing again. I just dont do it everyday all day. There are days when I counted calories and all I saw was the perfect number and all i wanted was a handful of cashews… So once I had a plan that I knew was under 1500 for the most part, it was ok to then listen and add a handful of cashews, a candy bar, or a small bag of chips in my day without feeling guilty. Yes I eat chocolate..Im a chick..I need it. Sorry lol. There are days I know I’ve had two or three candy bars, but then weeks when I wanted none. I dont know what it is but I always keep a hershey bar in my freezer. I also found that sometimes you think you want a lot but you dont. So I also try to keep hershey kisses too. I suck on 3 at first and then force myself to go to something and if I want more later I go get more. Its the small stuff honestly that will make or break a lifestyle. I told you before it has to be sustainable for long term.

Tip #9 Eat Color.  If your plan doesnt have color, it sucks. For some reason mid winter, when I made a sunrise breakfast juice that was red and orange, I smiled. When I grabbed a salad that was purple, orange, green, yellow, red…I smiled. Color makes you happy man! Would you rather eat a gray meal or a colorful one?? Spice it up a bit. If a recipe calls for cabbage but you already have green in that recipe, get red cabbage. If you are making a salad, just dont put romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and green peppers in there then douse it with red dressing… Put some red cabbage, dark green kale, yellow or red peppers, orange carrots…then its so colorful you wont crave color dressings much. I use a zesty italian on mine mostly. The more color the more nutrients you are eating. Here is a link to an awesome document I made from a link online. I printed this out on card stock to remind myself to eat from all  the food colors .

Tip #10 Dont be afraid to change the plan and plan ahead! Nothing is set in stone here. If its not working, change it so it does. Its not about weight loss, its about making you the best you, you can be. It takes a while to listen to your body and find out what works and what doesnt work. Its work! Dont forget I’ve been at this since December 21st guys and I Just now figured out what works for me. Once you have it down I swear it will get easier. I was at church the other day and the cake honestly didnt look good to me. Sometimes when I grab stuff it doesnt taste as good as I remember, so its out of the plan. When I first started I had to figure in daily potato chip eating before bed…now.. I dont at all. I crave them every once in a while but mostly because I want salt or the crunch..not the food itself. Always think long term. Speaking of that. If you super like a Joes Detox soup..its light and yummy. Make a double batch and free it in mason jars or containers in serving sizes. There are days when my plan calls for salad and I just really want me some soup. Voila, its portioned out and in the freezer. Plus when you’re making plans for you for your family and dinner and you just dont want to eat what they are having, you can grab soup too. I always have at least 5 jars of some sort of soup in there. Taco soup, detox soup, lentil sausage soup, homemade tomato basil… If the recipe doesnt have calorie counts I sit down and figure it out then put it on the recipe itself. Then when I make it again I know exactly I’m eating.

Tip #11 Drink Water.  Now many people hate water. I am one of them. I can drink close to a half gallon when I work out..but after that forget it. It tastes gross and the more I tried to drink the more I wanted to puke. So how do I combat this…well I try to drink a half gallon of water a day which is 8 measuring cups. If I dont, I feel totally dehydrated. My lips get chapped, I feel like I have cotton mouth..its bad. So first off in the morning Joe Cross suggest drinking 8 oz of ginger water. So I do that. Ginger is awesome and stimulates digestion. Well there is one cup down… then I have green tea. Now my cup is large and is actually 2 cups of water and green tea naturally helps you shed pounds. Its been proven. There is 3 cups gone already. Then I usually work out in the morning which I can easily drink 4 more cups during that. The last cup I drink later in the day in the afternoon or I will have a large 2 cup green tea or Echinacea tea with dinner. Done. It doesnt have to be water water.

Tip #12 Get with some like minded people. It doesnt have to be that they are on the same health plan as you..notice I didnt say diet 😉   It just has to be that they are eating healthy and working out. Please dont hang with weight watchers, or jenny craig or any of those peeps that eats the processed box crap. Find people that eat whole foods, gardeners, farmers or personal trainers. If you see someone at a gym everyday, talk to them. Not the steroid guys..just your average joe. My fitness obsessed friend got me a job in a fitness center. One day I was sitting at the counter and I heard a guy that comes in every night before closing, talking to his friend about juicing. Who knew he juiced?? He was talking about juicing and bone broth… I about died! Bone broth is awesome!! Its a super food in my opinion and I have a link to make it up at the top of the page. plus its water..hehe  The more you know about people the better. If you dont or cant do the gym scene then do searches for facebook groups. Get in on something that give you a way to share what you are doing and ask advice. There’s nothing wrong with a little question. Its how he learn.

The last tip Start where you are! Dont wait til you can get a gym membership, or freak out because you cant. Again the internet is a wonderful resource for workouts. If you are severely overweight or if you have knee, hip, back issues search for stuff Low impact. The point is to start. There is a quote on my FitFarmingMomma facebook page that says “There are many days of the week and Someday isnt one of them.” Its true. Find something you love to do. I love yoga/pilates stuff. I have two crunch videos I bought online. One is slim down yoga pilates  and the other is burn and firm pilates. I also just bought piyo from beachbody. I love Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies #2 as well. Richard is goofy and some cant stand him but I love that he is who he is and doesnt hide anything. He genuinely cares for people getting healthy. It doesnt have to be something you buy a ton of equipment for like p90x. Just use your own body weight to build muscle. Go for walks down the road, go to walmart and push a car around the perimeter of the store. Do push ups, the dreaded squats and lunges. I swear they arent as horrible once you can actually do a good amount lol. Find something fun. Swim, bike, run, roller skate…anything. Try knew things and then do what you love. Start with 15 minutes and work your way up to 45 if you have the time. Do a quick 20 min before work or do a half hour after work. You have to find the time, it just wont happen. You find time to watch tv right? You find time to read a book or go visit a friend..its a priority. Its like eating and going to the bathroom. You have to…plain and simple. Get a schedule that works for you and your life and stick to it. The more you skip workouts the more you will not want to do them at all and pretty soon you are back into old habits of layin on the couch eating a huge bag of cheese doodles and wonder why you feel like crap.

So to make this a bit easier, Yesterday I gave you a link to Joe Crosses 10 days eating/juicing plan. If you think this is do able and want a plan for afterwards. I am going to share my plan with you next week. It has all the juices listed for a month along with a grocery list. Now of course you will have to tweek it to what works for you. Obviously if you hate a juice or an ingredient, you will have to swap it out but this is my plan.


Happy Healthy Homesteading!!  😀

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