Insanity 56&55

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Our family enjoyed a wonderful morning of working out to the pure cardio insanity video. My husband and I woke up a bit early to get the workout in before all the gifts by the millions of internet users started being used. We do not have the pure cardio video, its the only one that the fitness center is lacking. I guess someone really loved it! Anyway we had to use one from online. Thank you to the blogger that uploaded all the videos to his blog   😉

Pure Cardio is horridly great. lol  I know that is a bit odd to say but it really is true. Its the hardest video we have hit yet and there is nothing but pretty much a cardio workout that will leave you passed out on the floor. Yet in all the sore horridness of not breathing and sweating to death, you love it because when you get done you realize what you’ve done. Even if you do it the easiest you can and with modifications galore, you still accomplished more than you ever thought you could. Love/hate relationship at its best. We were halfway through the warmup and my one son who is doing this with us, came down the stairs and gave us the look of death. So we apologized half winded and invited him to join.

The rest of the day we spent with my side of the family at my sisters where we ate ourselves to death. We probably totally undid what the video did but what a great day to have that problem lol. Had it been another video I”m not sure I would have felt good eating that amount. My son that is exercising with us got a pull up bar that goes in the doorway. He’s been doing pull ups in his closet and he’s getting too tall for that to work anymore. This one is great because he can do it himself and now he also has something that will hold his feet so he can do sit ups too.

I combined two days because we went to our old neighbors yesterday too and didnt get back until late. Today I”m stuck at work in the fitness center. Yes the day after can imagine the flock of people here right now……  *crickets*    I just slapped on some Christian tunes on the speakers and am blasting my God loving music.

Today’s insanity workout is a repeat of the first video we did the Pyrometrics so I am hoping I can actually get through it fairly well. I think the plan is for my husband to come up here once he is up and going and we will workout while I get paid, in the back yoga area. There is a huge tv there and a nice floor that should have us be able to hold the push up position a lot better than our carpet at home. We will see. I know he wants to change his tires today so that may take over his day and I may be forced to work out tonight. After I get off work this afternoon we have some errands to run so it wont be till about dinner time we would be able to work out.

Have I mentioned how much I hate working out in the afternoon and evening. I’d rather workout bright and early right after chores and then be able to take a shower and enjoy my day. It gives me a chance to keep using my muscles all day and continually stretching them rather than workout at night and go to bed only to wake up all stiff the next morning.

Well I’m super bored and its only 7:20 am…so I think honestly I’m going to nap here at work.

Happy Homesteading and Merry Christmas!!   😀

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