Insanity Day 58

SNAP! That’s what I heard, felt, as I was almost mid workout today. Not good people. I was able to do most of the warm up and all of the stretching. I thought I was fairly warmed up. I about halfway through the video. We had to do these jump to one side and touch the floor then jump to the other side and touch the floor. Well I was winded so I just decided to stay in a squat position and just alternate one side and the other..apparently not a great idea. I did something to one of my hamstrings. You know those things that hold you up as you balance on one leg to put on undies and pants..yeah that one lol. I did manage to mostly finish the workout though. I just was very careful and if it hurt too badly I modified even more. Then into the ice bath for sure. I’ll nurse it all today with a heating pad and ice and see where we are tomorrow.

Last night my hubby and I went on the look for a recovery drink. They want you to drink a recovery drink with a 4:1 ratio of carbs: protein. Of course everything you find at the store is opposite that. So after a day of digging on the net to make our own, trips to walmart, GNC, and walgreens we came up with a mixture of things. The main thing you need apparently is amino acids after your workout. We found a bottle of this creatine

<– which is amino acids and carbs.

We mixed it with this protein powder.










It has protein and carbs. When you add the two together you get close to 44 carbs to 16 protein which is pretty close to that close as we can come versus buying the actual recovery p90x stuff that is close to $60. That only gave us a 30 day supply so between my hubby and I using it we would need 4 bottles of it for the Insanity 60 days challenge.  By buying this we will save about $15 and we dont have to wait for shipping. Which you know isnt much but its Christmas time and new years and the wrong time to be shipping stuff. We might try the p90x stuff next round or not. I think honestly the creatine powder alone would be enough and just eat carbs. The only thing I dont like is that is spikes insulin it says to help absorb the creatine so I guess no more candy…except chocolate..thats not candy..that is my sustainable lifeforce lol.

All and all I feel really awesome..minus the leg. I actually woke up at 3am and wanted to work out. Maybe I should have lol. maybe that would have made the difference in my leg. The only reason I didnt was because no one would have believed me that I worked out at 3am   😦   Oh well..hopefully tomorrow will be just as great and my leg heals fairly well today.

Happy Homesteading!!   😀



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