Insanity Day 59

Well I’m alive. My hubby and I sat down last night and watched the first dvd. We saw many moved that were on the fitness test but it was almost twice as long and way more intense. We thought no way!!  We promised each other that if we ever were able to go through the entire video at the speed and intensity they do, that we would go out to eat.. At olive garden..salad lol. I have news for him I’m going to eat a steak with that salad!

Day 59 is the Pyrometric cardio dvd. I did it..all exercises..its just at a granny pace and some exercises I only got one good one in with fairly good form but I can honestly say I gave it my best effort and got through the entire thing. Good thing we do it 2 more times this week! Then right after I took an ice bath. We live on a bi-level home so thats been interesting having to actually use the rail to climb the stairs and limiting my journeys lol.

I kept my heart in the target range of 140-180 given the intensity we were suppose to work at.  Here is the range my hubby and I are using because this is for our age..ok well his but I’m only two years under him.




A lot of exercises were moderated to still give me benefits but to also not have me working so hard I passed out. Target heart range is there for a reason and eventually I’ll be able to get through this with a little bounce and spring in my step. Even my son who is 12 couldnt get through the exercises without moderation and he works out a lot.

So today..end result is video done, sore as can be, hungry beyond belief, and super proud of myself for getting through the entire video.   Now…for a nap lol.

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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