My weight journey

I’m fat. Yup I am. I dont really care much. I dont seem to have time to work out much with the farm and gardening. Plus now that I’ve started selling Usborne Books and I’m still homeschooling..its pretty busy. I’ve never been one to work out at all really. My whole life I was the fat friend. It sucks to even remotely try to work out because with fibromyalgia even farming puts me so exhausted I need to sleep pretty much right after chores. Chronic fatigue sucks. Anyone with it will agree. To exercise means to sleep for an hour and half minimum afterwards which puts a damper in your day.  Let me tell you about my pack of friends.

My pack formed in 3rd grade with the addition of the last member. We have been besties ever since. We have my friend Sandi. She is the workout gooroo. She is all about fitness 24/7. She’s the one you see running with short and a sports bra in the winter time. She’s the triathlon runner, the iron man competitor, the completely super skinny, no body fat to be found one of our group. The second is Jeannie. She is the one who can eat whatever and she never gains weight. She’s been skinny all her life. She never really has to try. She’s the one everyone hates because she’s eating a cheeseburger and fries and we are all eating salad getting fat lol.  Then there is Lisa. She was normal weight. She was active in swim team and gymnastics but didnt really work out a ton yet she kept her body weight. She rode horses which helped too. Just your average american who ate consciously and kept her weight in check.

Then there is me. My whole mom and dad’s side of the family are fat, like 200 +. My mom was heavy all her life and I had her body type. You know the one that looks at food and gains weight even if you didnt eat anything. We ate out of the garden and we ate everything made from scratch pretty much. The best ingredients we could afford. Our family didnt work out ever. It was a struggle for me to stay thin enough. In high school I weighted 130 which was about 20 lbs over what my BMI said. It seemed that I could try and try but no matter how much I worked out I never dropped enough weight and it became a chore.

Over the years the 4 of us changed. We grew, aged, had kids, but today our story is pretty much the same. Sandi the fitness gooroo, jeannie works out doing p90x when she has time but has small kids so it makes it hard. She is still skinny but no longer can eat whatever. So she consciously eats and is still skinny. Lisa still rides horses and is about the same weight. Eats fairly well and also has kids. I grew and grew and grew..but not tall..out lol.  I topped 210 right after the pregnancy of my second child. Took forever to drop the weight.  At one time I actually dedicated myself to working out 6 days a week for 45 intense minutes. I dropped down to 150. I’m 5′ 5. So my BMI was still overweight even though I looked really skinny. Looking back and pictures I actually looked sickly but I was “skinny” for the first time ever. However if I skipped one day of intense working out, the weight would come back on. My ideal BMI weight is like 130 and eventually by not hitting my goal, it became extremely unrealistic and unfun for me. So I quit. That’s when I went back up towards 200 slowly and surely until I weighed myself one day and dont think so! Then went on my Nourishing Traditions journey.

I’m not totally 100% following the Nourishing Traditions. I eat organic, homegrown stuff when possible and other months when I’m not growing it, I eat store stuff. I cant always afford organic but I still try to make everything from scratch. My weight has maintained at 185 for a long time now. Meanwhile I developed fibromyalgia, intolerance to gluten, eggs, peanuts in large quantities, all milk except raw grassfed, and cheeses except raw. So what is a girl to eat??? Well Veggies and meat. BUT the meat has to be from a grassfed animal only because I react to the grains that are fed. So that puts pigs, chickens, ducks, turkey, and any cow that may eat grain, into a category that if I eat it, I might feel bad. The more grain the animal eats the worse it is. Right now I eat grassfed beef only, pastured chickens, ducks, and turkeys, and no pork. I also eat rabbit because I can pasture them mostly and then do my own mix of fodder, hay and vegetables.

Which brings me finally to Insanity. Not really but the blog is getting long lol. Hubby has been skinny all his life…waist 29 since I’ve known him.  5′ 9, 150 ish..skinny, muscular..the opposite of me lol. He wants to try Insanity. At first I was going to just let him do it..remember I hate exercise. However after watching some of the results I figure if I can not die for 60 days I can at least look decent for a while until my body morphs back into this thing it is now. Besides I have about 60 days before my garden season starts anyway. Maybe I’ll be able to hoe faster and longer   😉

Start the journey with me..into INSANITY.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀


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