OMG this was stupid. I”m going to say this right now. In my last post I told you that my husband was going to do Insanity. You know why he’s really doing it?? So he can be as buff as his bestie who does p90x. Since we cant afford any equiptment and I work in a fitness center (I know you’re laughing right. After telling you how much I dont work out..seriously I do work in a gym.) We have copies of both p90x and insanity. So we went with insanity. No equipment to buy but we are missing one dvd in the series the Cardio Plus. We’ve decided to just do another dvd we like and feel is similar rather than purchase one dvd.

For those of you that dont know..Insanity is the toughest workout put on a dvd. Seriously. In the videos there are no fat people..there are no slightly fat people. There are only ripped people who have done this entire program and then recorded a video with Shaun T pretending like they are doing it for the first time. But eye candy Shaun is a big help when you need to stop and catch your breath.   😉    It is 60 days to an Insane you!  Day 1 is a fitness test. Let me just say that the fitness test is just to see how bad you are in the beginning so you can see results happening each time.

I failed the fitness test. Not only did I only make it halfway through before I about passed out and puked, but it took us pausing the video after each segment afterwards for like 5 minutes so we all, hubby included, didnt pass out. I already know from long ago doing the Biggest Loser dvd’s that I in no way shape or form will be able to get through any new dvd right off the bat so I took it as slow and I could. I gave it my best effort and never puked or passed out. I did have to rest for a long while between sets but I have a score on each one. Hubby ended up puking because I’m sure he thought he was a big strong man who was in shape and was sadly mistaken. As I sit and write this he is asleep on the couch hehe.

I unfortunately do not have the guts to post my before pictures. I took them, shuddered, and still hold a hope that it will get better in a couple weeks. The fitness test was HARD!! I have no idea how the hell I”m going to get through even half of the first dvd if I cant even pass the fitness test lol. We shall see. BTW if you are overweight at all, I strongly encourage you to do the Biggest Loser dvd’s until you can do them all the way through and they are EASY..then try Insanity. I however am totally INSANE…at least for the next 60 days. I may not be alive after a week to blog about it, but I will have died more fit then I am now!!  I will try to keep you updated as I go. I’m SSSOOOOO fatigued right now from this fibro that I could fall asleep for hours..but I have to leave to go to work for 2 hours. I hope I dont fall asleep there!

Happy INSANE Homesteading!!   😀

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