Farming by Months

Last January I wrote a post about Being Prepared. You can read that here: Being Prepared  It is now the next year and it’s October. So again the hype about the winter storms coming…it’s going to be the coldest most bitter winter we’ve seen in a long time….. really? Ok well are you prepared???  You’d think that after the horrid winter we had last year that people would be a little more prepared, but they are not. Yes most are buying propane now while it’s not $6 a gallon, but as far as other preps..non existent.

It’s mainly the time of  year that gets me thinking about this. On our homestead you have months pretty much mapped out. So in case you don’t have a is what you should or could be doing for each month based on what we do. I’m sure we are not listing everything, but its a nice general list.

  • Jan- Start your cold weather seedlings such as celery,broccoli, peas, lettuces and other greens. RELAX!!
  • Feb- Start your beginning summer seedlings like cucumbers, green beans if you want, corn if you want, onions, leeks, whatever else cold weather you didnt start, start working on  your chicken, turkey, rabbit tractors- Start Un-Relaxing   😦
  • March- Start your warm weather vegetables like tomatoes, green peppers – start barn repairs and maintenance -Till part of the garden and Start planting cold weather crops late march (the jan seedlings), purchase live animals to raise for your freezer, finish your animal tractors
  • April- finish planting your cold weather vegetables( your feb seedlings and any other you seed straight into the garden)  and finish tilling the rest of the garden.- start pasturing your rabbits and chicks(on warm days)-deep clean out the barn and start compost piles mixed with grass clippings – do a food inventory and see what you have that you will be saving for the coming winter (start buying extras of stuff all summer)
  • May- Plant the remaining vegetables, weed, pasture animals, finish all other barn projects and start all your summer projects, start gathering wood for winter
  • June, July, August- farming is in full swing, harvest, weed, dehydrate food for winter, can food for winter, all the scraps from canning and regular eating dehydrate into winter food for the rabbits and chickens- dont waste anything!! Whatever you cant use should be in compost piles breaking down all summer. plant cover crops of buckwheat on places that are done harvesting, go on family fishing trips to gather more food for the freezer!
  • September- Do a food inventory and see how much you have on hand for winter-. finish buying remaining products and start putting compost onto the parts of the garden that is done.- Plant cover crops like oats and radishes for over winter on all late harvest areas. Start preparing the barn for winter. Start organizing the freezer to fit the animals you bought.
  • October- Butcher all animals and fill your freezer. Make sure you have your inventory list full or mostly full. Finish garden areas for winter, finish barn projects and get things ready for your year round animals to be overwintered. start hunting for more winter storage(if you cant hunt, find someone that does, if you dont like guns-learn to trap), finish yard clean ups, finish your wood harvest and if you havent already-move seasoned wood into a close area for easy winter reach.
  • November- Brace for that horrid winter coming lol. Finish your minor purchases for winter, finish anything you forgot about..RELAX!!
  • December- Continue to brace for the winter coming that has not yet come… Relax when you hear its still on the way because you have enough!!  RELAX!!

Recently we have been watching Extreme Preppers. Some people call them crazy, but if you watch you get many good ideas! Yes I agree some are just plain nuts, but honestly they all are doing things we should be doing..storing food, water, finding alternatives for when our power is out, and making sure they are safe. Those basic principles are what everyone should be doing. It doesnt matter if you live in an apartment or not. Find a location in the country of a friends house..your “bug out location” as they call it. Plant a garden with them so you can prepare for winter in your apartment. Grow vine foods in your windows, use your fish tank to grow some lettuce. Youtube is filled with prepping secrets and alternative ways of growing food. The only reason that anyone cant be prepared, in my opinion, is you are lazy and dont want to. Well dont be coming to my house! I’ve told you all here what do to!!

Check out my next post on making a food inventory list!


Happy Homesteading!!!   😀

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One thought on “Farming by Months

  1. Excellent post! Ever since we started canning, it’s been so much fun and such a relief. If it snows, I know we are fine for days. Weeks. Months ( I really like to can).

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