The Do Nothing Farmer

This post comes as a rant really. I have some die hard customers who are awesome. Lately I’ve had a few new ones try to come around. It seems that everyone thinks that farmers do absolutely nothing all day and that they are always home. In today’s culture of the busy city folks, two family incomes, and working 12-14 hours a day, the farmer seems to somehow be exempt from all that.

Here is the reality. We are busier and work longer hours than you do. I mean all of you. Not only do we wake up at the butt crack of dawn to feed everything we have, but we continue till dusk. We feed, we water, we scoop poop, we harvest, we plant, we weed, we take care of injuries, fix things that are broken, chop wood, go to auctions, meet clients, we take care of not only the farm stuff but if your a woman farmer you are taking care of everything else in the house as well. We do dishes, vacuum, clean the entire house, can things, dehydrate things, bake things, make yogurt, make cheese, crochet or knit or spin yarn, we keep the household animals aka children alive. We fix their injuries and fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Oh to sit behind a desk all day or have actual conversations with grown adults.,,  To think your farmer has time any hour of the day you choose and whatever day you want for you to show up is just plain WRONG. In case you didn’t know, I’m giving you the heads up now. Farmers are extremely busy all day every day. We dont get snow days off, rainy weather off, or 90+ days off. We are outside working on something or feeding something at the very least.

If you are new to this whole homesteading thing, I’m sorry I’ve come off a bit irritated. You have to be extremely considerate of your farmers time or they will drop you as a client as fast as you can say Manure. When you call and say you are coming at a specific time be ON TIME. We have to drop what we are doing and rearrange our schedule a bit so that we have time to meet with you and talk. If you pick a specific day to come DON’T reschedule unless you absolutely have to. Most of us have our days planned a few in advance and have to again rearrange things so that we have that time. We dont want to be scooping poop while trying to chat with you because you needed to reschedule and the barn should have been cleaned out the last time you were suppose to meet, but we put it off because you were coming and then didn’t. If you have to reschedule DON’T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE. That is the worst thing ever. That is rude and disrespectful. 

Today I had a guy text me and tell me he wasn’t coming tonight. Why am I so upset. Well we were suppose to meet last week around wed. We set up a time for him to come, 6:30. He canceled at 6 because he wanted to bring his wife and she couldnt make it. That is fine. I totally understand. He is a new client and wants to see the farm together. So we set up a time for saturday at 6:30. He texts me again at 6 and tells me he cant make it because he would like to bring his parents out also and they have previous engagements. Sigh..ok…so we reschedule for Monday at 6:30. He texts me again around 5 ish to tell me that he is unable to make the appointment because a client of his needed something. So being the nice person I am I reschedule again for today at 6:30. So far each time he has picked the time and the day. He also had pre-ordered 25 meat birds. I really needed to talk to him about the size he wanted them and if he cared if some were a bit smaller because I would like to give them to him all at once. Today we text a few times and of course it had rained a ton all day today so at 5 he says its still a bit rainy. I text back saying there are no more storms in the forcast and tonight is still fine to come out. He text me at 6:24 saying he will not be out because his wife doesnt feel like coming out.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I’m sorry but I have been more than nice. I put off projects today because I knew I wouldnt get them done before his arrival. One project that got put on hold was putting in a new window into my rabbit barn because it broke out the other day and I dont have one!! The rain has been pouring into my rabbitry for the last few days because he was suppose to come and I didnt have time between the rain and his arrival to start the process of putting it in. I sent him a polite text that I was hoping to talk to him about the chickens. I will just get them butchered and he will have to accept the size they are. If he decides he doesnt want them to let me know so I can resell them. I also told him that the next day he schedules he needs to come and not reschedule because it has been stressful trying to be home.

I will give you a little tip. If you are constantly late and rescheduling times, please dont bother to contact me at all. It’s normally a 3 strikes you’re out rule for me. I will let you in on another secret. I dont NEED you to be a client. I have people who would gladly show up and meet with me. They will buy my stuff the same as you, but they wont inconvenience me. I try really hard to be available but just imagine if all my clients were constantly rearranging and rescheduling. I would never get anything done. Please dont be one of those people. Make your farmer your best friend and treat him like you would a king. Remember he’s the source of your dinner   😉


Happy Homesteading!!   😀


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One thought on “The Do Nothing Farmer

  1. I think some of these people think visiting a farmer is like going tot he store when you want to. …and honestly I seriously doubt anyone outside of homesteaders and farmers know how much work goes into one day. I’ve had 3 under 25 yr olds come through here to help that proved that for me. Each one of them got fed up that they had no “relaxing time” and they were bored with doing stupid work all day. *shakes head*

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