Mary Moo

Hi guys! I know it’s been forever right?! How are all you doing? How’s the homesteading going? I hope well. Here is a very strange year. I don’t like moving to a new place. I’ll just say that right now. Glad it’s not going to happen anymore in my life. It’s been 3 months of chaos really. I think we have everything done with the house that needs fixed quickly. Now more projects are on the back burner.

I’m one of those people that seems to have to have everything done now and God has shown me that is so not what he is like. Lack of money is really hindering my homestead. My garden has been the worst its ever been yet somehow I”m still surviving with the garden shares..even if I have none left for me really. There are things that I didnt tell them I was growing like onions and potatoes. The corn didnt grow, the green beans grew but I still wasnt happy. The leaves were yellowish green instead of green. I dont know how those beans made it to maturity. My cabbage piddled out. My carrots never grew…two plantings at a friends garden and one at carrots..what is up with that?? Not all the same seed or the same company so I guess no carrots for us this winter unless I buy a bunch of organic at the store and can those. I might. Despite all that I seem to be selling things.

Not only have my garden share people been happy enough, but I am selling these dark cornish hens like crazy. I actually have a 3rd batch hatching right now!! I cant have enough it seems. Some person bought 25 and didnt bat an eye at my price..which made me think I should have charged more! I have bunnies up the wazzoo right now, 38 babies to be exact. Luckily those are destined for my freezer minus a few to a guy who is trading meat for a beehive set up for me   😉 with no money, a part time job and not everything done…hey what’s one more thing right?? Well I’ve decided I now hate driving 40 minutes every friday for my meat and milk. I still buy burger and milk where I used to. I still will for at least 3 years..but we are getting a calf!!!  I contacted my beef guy and he has a little jersey heifer available.  We plan on getting a little boy of some sort of breed for meat this year also so my new calf wont spend the winter alone. We pick her up next weekend. I’ve been paying on her here and there when I go buy my meat from him. He is a super nice guy. I will have pictures up as soon as we get her! I’ve decided to name her Mary Moo.  It’s just hard to build a stall when you are so busy babysitting and working that you dont have a spare minute. What minutes I do find I am either in the garden or in with animals. I still have 6 hides to flesh out and tan, plus now to build this stall. Oh did I mention we have no grass lol. Stupid lack of rain around here has me a beautiful brown lawn. Luckily when it was raining in june I was able to get some of my grass baled. I’m still hoping for one more cutting before winter but we are already feeding the lambs hay and have been for about 3 weeks. THAT is why we are getting a calf and not a cow. I could get a cow and make payments on her. She is ready to have her baby in two months..but I cannot feed that big of a girl plus a baby right now. I’d rather work my way up with Mary Moo and get to know her for a few years before I go to milk.

Well there you have it.. a chaotic post about my chaotic farm and our new addition coming Sat the 16th   🙂


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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