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New Arrival

Just thought I’d share with you that we have a new arrival! Last year we kept two of our lambs in the hopes of breeding. Then once we noticed how much they were eating in hay, we brought the male to the sale barn and kept the female in hopes she was pregnant.

We ended up not really even finding out she actually was till Feb when her milk came in. Well last night she looked a little odd. Her milk dropped really low and she looked like a cow by her hips. I saw a little discharge but nothing major. I knew it would probably happen within 24 hours.

The worst part was that it was the coldest day of the week. The temp that night was below freezing and it was suppose to snow 2 inches. Of course she was going to have it then!

He’s so ugly looking lol. He’s a mix of a Suffolk and a Dorset so he looks a bit like a goat/lamb. He has a hairy face and is mostly white except he has a round black spot on his right butt cheek and the bottom of his legs are dark gray. He’s cute just because he is ugly. Oh well. They all cant be super cute like kittens or we would want lots of them.

Tonight it is suppose to be 12 degrees with a 15 mile an hour wind so we built him a little lamb house with a heat light. When he gets cold he walks in and lays down. Good enough for me. Oh and I put a cute little dog sweater on him to keep him warm and toasty.

So here he is.. Mr. Chops as my husband calls him lol.










Happy Homesteading!!!   😀



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