Trusting God part 2

So with the perfect house in site, and no money, all we really could do was pray. I was so tired of waiting and waiting and waiting only to seem to get no where fast. My house is cold, I hate being cold. I wish I could live in Arizona or something. This winter was really bad. There were -40 temps and our pellet furnace and wood burner couldnt keep up with all the leaks of air that was coming in. We just wanted a warm house that was done. We had been trying to fix this place for years.

So on to my season came, we put that money away. It was only half of what we needed for that place. It had been sitting on the market for 2 years. Then all of a sudden I saw God move…MIGHTY. First I got affirmation at church through a sermon that this was what I was suppose to be doing.. Gardening, farming, helping people, living off the land, being a good steward, caring for his creation. Then…the money..we had half the amount. Then his dad asked to rent our home and offered to pay us a downpayment. I remembered we had taken a credit builder loan out with our bank and we only had one more payment and that would give us more towards the house. So I asked a good friend to borrow the last little amount we needed. She said yes and so we were on our way!

We still had this little problem..the amount they wanted for the no way could we afford a house payment that high. The last thing I want is to get so far in debt we lose the house because my hubby gets sick and we cant make a payment. We decided how high we could offer and honestly it was 15,000 lower then what they were asking. So we started the bid LOW and they came down a whoppin $2,000. So we uped ours 10,000. Again they came down $2,000. My husband was getting frustrated. I had already bought this home we are in now and know that these things can drag out. I tried to encourage him and we put in another bid..5000 higher…then they came down another 2000. Sigh..really!! My husband was done. He said this is our last offer and he put it out there. It was up another 5,000 but they would have to come down 9,000 to match us. What were the odds? not good.

So we prayed more. Told others to keep praying.. if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be right? I mean in one month we managed to secure all the money to put down 5% on this house after waiting two years..God can work another miracle right?? I had doubts..9,000 was a lot to ask from Mr and Mrs $2,000 lol.  So we waited because it was Sunday and we were suppose to know Monday.  Then it happened. A text from our Realtor at 8:30 pm stating they came down to our price!! They asked that we pay all closing costs but we were honestly in shock! Out of nowhere they agree? um ok…go God!

So after waiting two years for things to happen and nothing going on, we managed to not only secure all the money we needed for a down payment, but my parents loaned us the closing costs, and they came down the 15,000 we needed them too on a property that was worth 10,000 more than they were asking in the first place! When God’s timing is right, its right. When God wants to move..he will move. Are we scared? Yes. The payment is still very large and I hate debt. It will require me to go to work part time just to keep us afloat until God can help me learn more and bring more people into my life to buy our goods. My husband is freakin out now that reality has set in and he realizes how little money we will have, but God got us this far and I doubt he has brought us this far, this fast, only to let us fail and lose it all. He has a plan and I am moving with him as he moves forward. I am so excited yet scared to death at all the new changes that will be happening this year. I will share pictures with you once we close at the end of March.   🙂 dream farm!

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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3 thoughts on “Trusting God part 2

  1. Congratulations!
    A good friend of mine says “God answers prayers by saying “yes, no, not yet, or I’ve got something better in mind.”
    Sounds like He’s leading down the path He has planned for you!

  2. JCJohnsong

    If your house is THAT cold and your father-in-law is going to rent it you might want to try adding Styrofoam for insulation.

    When my area was hit by Hurricane Sandy my parents house was without electric for several weeks … no electric means NO heat!!! This was in the winter and each day the temperatures inside the house were getting lower and lower! There is only so much you can do by boiling water on a gas stove. My house was flooded and got about 6 feet high water inside so I couldn’t help as I was worse off then they were and I had to stay with them.

    After several days and fearing it could kill my parents (they are both in their mid 80s) at their age I got the smart idea to drive to a 99¢ Store and buy some styrofoam Posterboard sheets they had … if it keeps hot coffee from burning your hands, I thought, then maybe it will stop the little heat they still had left in the house from escaping and their inside temperatures from continuing to drop even more and more.

    So-o-o-o-o I covered up all their windows with styrofoam at first … and noticed that when I touched the styrofoam I had put over the windows it wasn’t cold but when I touched the sheetrock walls next to the windows … freezing. So I went back to the store for MORE styrofoam posterboard. I was VERY impressed with it as a form of insulation and it was ONLY 1/4 ” thick! (The real insulation made of it for homes is much thicker).

    My setup was just temporary for an emergency … & my dad doesn’t want to remove the sheetrock to replace the pink fiberglass stuff that is now in the walls with styrofoam. (Although if we have another Hurricane Sandy type disaster … well he might think it worth the trouble.

    Anyway …
    Maybe you could even just try layering styrofoam posterboard on top of the sheetrock and then paint it with a stucco type of paint to save having to rip out the existing insulation/sheetrock. It might be enough to fix the cold winter problems without a major remodeling job … if your father in law and husband want a Do-It-Yourself project for the summer or fall before next winter hits. I suggest you give some thought to possible solutions involving styrofoam.

    I would think the heating bills would go down by a noticeable amount as well.

    Just an idea … give it some thought…

    • aumcchildren

      He knew how cold the house was because he’s come over to visit before besides it wasn’t just a renting situation it’s a land contract so after the 1st April it was his problem to deal with not ours. There is a wood burner in there that does not require electricity. Even after he moved in and part of March he did not light a fire or get any word or anything like that he just opted to stay cold. Now that were in our new house he was supposed to pay this past month rent on that other house and still hasn’t. It’s very doubtful he will make it till winter. I will probably have to evict him and put the house up for auction 😦

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