Eating in Season

I have to blog on this right now because it’s been bothering me for a few days.  Alot of time when I am talking to people about farming and gardening, we have a lot in common. We all eat out of our garden, mostly do nourishing tradition guidelines, try to eat organic as much as possible, and stay away from a lot of processed food. Then I tell them I can my food. There is where our conversation takes a nosedive. “YOU CAN! OMG you are killing all the beneficial stuff! I would never eat stuff out of a can. I buy fresh, local, and eat in season.”

So let’s think about this for a minute. First, my stuff is not in a can, it’s in a jar. I can see my food, no bpa’s or whatever that stuff is everyone is worried about. Maybe on the lid which doesnt really come in contact with the food because you leave headspace like you’re suppose to. Second, I know it kills all the bacteria in the food…um duh..I dont want any bacteria what so ever because this will be sitting on the shelf for years waiting for the Snowpocolypse that is coming   😉  Lastly, you eat only food that is fresh, local, and in season??

Well we live in Indiana. It’s -5. What is “in season” here?? Animals. People who eat in season bother me when they live in cold climates. If you live in have year round seasons. Indiana has Spring-so wet you are really trying hard to start your peas and lettuce in between the snow that decided it wasnt done yet and the pockets of flooded ground, Summer- the optimal time for growing all your stuff, Fall- crap shoot on weather…can I finish harvesting everything in time for the snow mother nature decided she was ready for or do I have to cover everything? and Winter-  freeze your nose hairs off trying to do chores and cant put on enough clothes to keep yourself warm out there, or mother nature cant make up her mind and it’s 40 one day and -10 the next!

People can eat in season but you cant eat local or fresh at the same time mid winter. Those in season items like pomegranates in December..are in season over seas or in mexico maybe..but they are trucked green, which means they are neither fresh nor local. Oh you ate bananas this winter..opps..costa rica grows them and again trucked. Oh you got some stored carrots?? cool! Those arent fresh..they were picked at the latest Nov. and its Jan. See that’s what bothers me. They are complete idiots. Sorry if you have said that in the past..see the light..forgive yourself and move on   🙂

For me living in Indiana, my seasons are different. I do have seasons, they just differ slightly. When I say I eat what’s in season, this is what I mean. And no I do not eat JUST this, I eat the trucked organic, and even processed food! Shock, AWE..I know right? I’m a rebel being a stay at home mom and having to limit my income to only partial health food. My seasons are as follows:

  • Spring-Starter Season-when you plant your organic garden and eat greens for the next two months, you finish cleaning out(eating tongues and hocks) the deep freeze of any remaining meat products so they dont go bad, you finish up eating your stockpiles and have to go grocery shopping again, you buy all the animals that will spend the summer with you and hatch out a mega chick farm
  • Summer-Full Swing Season– you go whole hog on all your homestead veggies and fruits cause everything is growing, you are sick of zucchini and you have green beans and corn coming out your ears so all the extras get canned and saved for winter, you frolic poolside with your lambs and chickens..ok we dont have a pool but maybe one of those small ones so we all can cool off.
  • Fall- Ending Season-you start storing away potatoes, apples, and winter squashes like they are going out of style and you’re so sick of eating apples and pears that if you see one more you will puke right there on the spot, you finish your canning and start culling animals to fill your freezer again for winter. (This is Oct for me. If I dont have a full freezer I freak out)
  • Winter-Storage Season-hunting season to top off your freezer full of GMO deer meat, squirrels, and rabbits, you eat on the canned vegetables and fruits from your garden, you eat the stock you hoarded of potatoes and squashes, you start emptying your freezer of all the meat you filled it with, you grocery shop for those foods that you were sick of all summer that now only grow in other countries

There are a lot more things I do with each season. I also dehydrate veggies and fruits and make jerky. The point is that if you are eating only local, fresh, in season food in indiana on a -5 best not have a job because you are going to spend your day either ice fishing or hunting for your next meal.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀


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5 thoughts on “Eating in Season

  1. I sure do know those feels! Think of the native Americans… They were nomadic for a reason! There is very little food in a northern climate in the winter. What foods are going to be picked fresh under 2-3 feet of snow?

    • aumcchildren

      Only if you have a hoophouse and then you are really not eating in season’re just cheating mother nature a bit.

  2. Be thankful for people like that! You get a good laugh out of it and material for a very entertaining blog post! 🙂

    • aumcchildren

      LOL thats so funny. I’d rather eat my own canned food than another countries trucked in “fresh” food.

  3. Amen Sister! It’s only in season if you live there! I have nothing against homesteading in Hawaii, but in Colorado, we have to put up as much as possible! Four months to grow 12 months of food is tricky. But, that corn sure tastes good coming out of the jar in the root cellar. It’s like summer all over again.

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