Gluten Hell

I’m writing at 12:30 am. Wanna know why I’m up? Well the title should give you a clue. I’m in Gluten Hell. I was totally an idiot. In my defense though it is my brain’s fault. It is still on Auto “eat whatever you want” mode. It hasnt made the switch to cant have gluten..EVER.

So let me lay it out for you. My son and I were home alone. I wanted to do something special. I had been wanting mint chocolate chip icecream all day and made up my mind I would go get some. We both pack into the car and drive to the Dollar General. Of course they dont have mint chocolate chip, so we try to decide what is good. We decided on double fudge ice cream. I has wheat..put it back. We decided on drumstick ice cream.. it has wheat because it has cone pieces in it. Finally we settled on Rocky Road.

While there my son says, “Mom, I want those cherry things that you put on top.” Ok grab a jar of Maraschino cherries. I also decided on whip cream cause man no ice cream is complete without that! I also grabbed a sanity bar of dark chocolate and “because I had that and it was no fair” my son wanted another snack. He wanted the chocolate twinkies they had. Fine.

We get home, grab a huge bowl of icecream, complete with whip cream and cherries. Then like a stupid complete idiot, I automatically unwrapped two chocolate twinkie, broken them in half, and placed them in our bowls. I dont know what the heck I was thinking. My brain must have had a complete shut down at the thought of chocolate or something. We proceeded to eat our lovely bowl. It was so much ice cream however, that I couldnt finish half of it or the other half of the twinkie, thank God.

That was at 9. I started to feel bad around 9:30 and was extremely tired so we all went to bed. I woke up half hour ago with the most wicked heart burn ever. It’s like my whole stomach and halfway up my esophagus are on fire and it is being stabbed by a knife as well. I took tums which never helps, but one day I’m hopeful will and sit here. I feel like I need to vomit, but not sure it would do any good at this point, so I sit in agony.

I really really really wish my brain would constantly think about gluten. I cant afford to feel anymore Whoops. Complete brain farts are not allowed. I cant help but wonder, if I had eaten the whole thing would I be in the bathroom right now praying to the porcelain god? I cant even say how happy I am I only ate half…. soooooo glad. Although I’m in gluten hell right now, it could have been much worse. I”m already starting to swell and become inflamed so tomorrow I will awake all sore and stiff. Argh.. I hate gluten!


Happy Gluten free Homesteading!!   😀

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