Being Prepared

Well here we are..the middle of the worse winter storm I’ve seen in at least 14 years. Everyone said it was coming. They started telling people thursday that by Sunday we should be prepared. You know how those weathermen are. They strut around yelling snow here..we get none, snow there..we get none.. winter storm everywhere..oppps they were right!

So are you prepared? Heck yes I am! Is the rest of the town..apparently not. I went to the store like normal friday around noon. I go every friday shopping. I went and got milk, burger and sausage at my grassfed place, went to the grocery store bought my normal stuff, and went home. I just forgot one thing on my list..bread. Stinkin bread. I can make it but the kids still prefer the store stuff, so I buy the healthiest and most expensive bread. I asked my hubby, “Hey can you run me to town for bread? We arent going to make it through the week unless I make some and they dont want that.” Sure he says and we head to town..only to find the entire town freaking out because a “winter storm is coming”. Really..we live in indiana..shouldnt you have food backup? A plan? Do you really think you’ll be so snowed in that your normal weekly grocery shopping will be hindered and you will eat all that food in two days? We went to town at 4 or so that afternoon and what was full of bread at noon was empty. All but the most expensive loaves on the top shelf..the ones I buy   😉  So I picked up my 1 loaf and we left.

It got me thinking. People are calling this winter Armageddon. If you go to your grocery store and they are out of bread and you freak out, how are you going to be when a true emergency comes? Me?? I head to the flour and buy some so that I can make it. Do you know how to make bread?? Can you live without it? I have come to not eat it at all because of my gluten intolerance, but normal people need to know these skills. Not only that but they should have already had a stockpile of food incase you cant buy anything at the store. I’m not saying have months and months stored up  like a squirrel but at least a month’s worth of food.

Thats the other great thing about knowing where your food comes from. I have an Amish couple I buy all my beef, pork, and milk from. Should an emergency arise..who do you think is going to have food, him or the grocery store. Him of one knows about him and he has live food right outside that he can kill if need be. Who do you think he is going to serve first? The person who always comes week after week or someone showing up because they are out of food and desperate. Well I already know because he’s done it when I was new..the people who are already established. He doesnt care about making a quick buck..he is loyal. He will feed the Amish first, his die hard customers second, then if he has some left, the others. Besides all of us already have some sort of stock because he is only open two days a week and there are many Amish days he is not open.

If you were one of those people who rushed to the store to grab milk, eggs, and bread because you didnt think you could survive two days without going to need to start reading homesteading blogs. You need to learn the skill of canning and dehydrating. You need to learn to budget your money and start going to bulk food stores and stocking when you have extra money. There should never come a time when you “freak out” over things. You should have a back up plan. I started thinking of that friday..minus the bread cause man I cant remember everything!

What are you going to do with animals? How are you going to stay warm? Do you have enough of whatever you use to stay warm? We ended up getting a ton of pellets Sat because we knew we would need to burn more than usual and our supply would have only lasted a few days. We can heat without it, but it’s -12 right now and then there is a nice whipping wind of at least 15 miles an hour. How would you survive if you had no power? Y0u need to think about this stuff always. ALWAYS. Do you have a water source? Do you have a food source that doesnt take cooking? Think camping with no fire..  Think.. THINK, ALWAYS. Its the only way to survive.

Everytime you shop, think- do I have enough of this to last a month..if not start buying stuff on sale or in bulk to get it. Think of ways to survive should disaster hit and you cant leave your home. Think of how you will tend to animals should you not be able to leave your yard. Think, think, think, then act, act, act..then once you get everything set make sure it stays stocked. I cant stress this enough. The difference between a homesteader and a regular person is we think of what could go wrong all the time and prepare against it just in case. Did I have to go grocery shopping? No, it was just my normal weekly run. Did I freak out and buy a ton of stuff because of a winter I already had everything I would need. I didnt spend extra money. I also have extra money in case I didnt prepare something and we need something in an emergency. I am almost at the point I dont even have to go to the store.  I realize some dont have that luxury but you can still plan in advance so your not the one driving to 5 different places looking for bread that doesnt exsist because everyone else freaked out before you!


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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One thought on “Being Prepared

  1. Ha! I was laughing all the way through your post! I work at a grocery store in central Indiana and the people swarming in there before “Snowpocalypse” were just ridiculous! I got called from my department countless times to help bag groceries and these people weren’t just buying a few extra things– there were multiple sales over $300! I’ve lived in Indiana for 32 of my 36 years and every fall it’s just habit to start buying/making a few extra things every week so that when the snow hits I’m not one of “those” people. 😉

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