Gluten free sucks

Just thought I’d put my feeling out there. I hate this. I mean I HATE this. I’m extra emotional today but right now I’m crying at the fact I cant make a simple pizza crust and eat with my family. I bought rice had all this stuff in it. When I look up a recipe it says to add all that junk in it. Well what if it already does?? I loved my pizza crust recipe so I just dumped the stupid package of rice flour in along with everything else and just let it sit 10 min, then plopped it into a pan. It looks disgusting. It’s white and pasty. I can’t even imagine it tasting even remotely like anything pizza crust related.

I bought a mill to grind my own wheat..wasted money in my eyes now. I have 50 lbs of wheat berries waiting to be ground..wasted money. I cant eat peanut butter and jelly  or anything else I normally do for lunch because I cant eat bread.  Right now I’m eating pb&j on rice cakes which has more ingredients then I want and added salt that makes it taste nasty. The mixes to make bread are $6 + and are full of stuff I wouldnt dare put into bread anyway. Same with the actual loafs. I read yesterday that one loaf said it was naturally crispy like toaster needed. Um eww.. wheres the soft fluffy bread?

I know I’m just in a mood, but I dont want to add Xanthum Gum or Guar Guar to products. How natural is that? Xanthum is from corn screams GMO. I am stuck eating next to nothing because EVERYTHING seems to have gluten in it. So my choice at the moment is when this crust doesnt turn out..I mean really how could it? I will trash $5 it took to make it, grind some wheat, make my normal pizza crust, eat it, and feel absolutly horrible afterwards and the entire next day. Why? because right now, the thought of looking up yet another recipe in which I dont have ingredients for because these “flours” dont act the same and you have to add in a ton of stuff to substitute for the one natural ingredient I”m allergic to, is just too much.

If you are gluten free, I’m so sorry. I cant get over that I cant have gluten anymore..its a fight tooth and nail for me. Its like telling a girl she can no longer look at or wear a diamond or you cant look, smell, or taste chocolate again for the rest of your life! Thank God I can still eat chocolate because that’s what I’m turning too!!

Share recipes if you want. Eventually I’ll give in to some stuff. Its just too overwhelming to learn to use non grain flours. I’m also sensitive to eggs…yes even my own so that makes it even harder. I can eat them like once a week though.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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5 thoughts on “Gluten free sucks

  1. Linda over at Linda’s Pantry on youtube makes a pizza with a cauliflower crust using 2 cups of grated cauliflower, 2 eggs (your once a week egg day, I guess), some cheese, and some Italian seasoning. I’ve made it twice now and it holds together like a real crust. It’s not the same as bread dough, but it is a decent crust with no gluten in it. It’s an option anyway. We don’t use the pre-shredded cheese though as it has anti-caking ingredients. We shred our own.

    Have you tried duck eggs or quail eggs?. I’ve read that people who are sensitive to chicken eggs may have no problems with duck or quail eggs.

    • aumcchildren

      I saw that and thought it was a great idea. I will have to try that. I also found a website of a lady who is a vegan and she eats whole food. She has a lot of raw recipes, gluten free recipes, and others that are awesome. It’s called

  2. My husband has to do gluten free too and he would agree wholeheartedly- GF does suck. Don’t have any really good recipes but I would like to say good luck and hang in there!

  3. I have drastically reduced my gluten intake… I cheat with cookies, croissants, and some other stuff… but I don’t really miss sandwiches or much pasta. My favorite pizza substitute has been meatza — don’t remember what recipe we used but it had a base of cooked hamburger, and then the usual toppings. I’ve been surprised to enjoy zucchini ribbons instead of pasta — you salt them and let them sit for ten minutes or so, then squeeze them in a towel, to remove moisture — then sauté them in a pan with some oil and seasonings. Even good with regular pasta sauces. Tonight I tried a pad thai with spaghetti squash instead of noodles — the squash was overcooked and mushy, but we all liked it anyway. For lunches I often choose leftovers, or else a spoon of peanut butter, or yogurt with nuts, or cheese and apple slices. I hope you soon find more options that will work for you!

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