Skill: Tatting

Every once in a while I get this bug to try something new. Lots of people follow pinterest. I just cant get into it. I am however a lover of youtube! So one day I was looking up a new crochet stitch. Side note: you really should learn to sew, crochet, or knit. You can make a ton of wonderful things for your family. day I was looking up a new crochet stitch and off to the side there, to the right, was a nice choice of other videos. I looked over and saw “lets tat a bracelet.”  Hm..what’s tatting??  Click!

I watched was intrigued, grabbed my lock stick crochet looking thingy and did it with crochet yarn. Interesting..must learn more. I called my mom..apparently I have now reached the point where I no longer mimic my mother and grandmother..this is a great grandma thing. She used to tat on handkerchiefs and make a lovely decorative border. Well since I cant do the whole handkerchief thing (whole nother story), I decided to look up more info online.

Here is my first tatted piece


Cool huh? Its about the size of a coaster. So since I haven’t blogged, I figure I’d let you know what I’ve been up to! I’ve also been working for farmer Joe so it doesnt leave a lot of time. Homeschooling the kids, doing chores, taking care of all the animals..oh did I mention we have rabbits?? hm..did I blog about that? I’m going to have to look! See its been sooo long. Dont think I didnt miss you all. Anyway..back on topic. If you would like to tat, you can make money off of it. I did and still am. Facebook is your biggest key selling point by the way.

Here is the youtube video that you should learn to tat from..oh and by the way there is shuttle tatting and needle tatting. I found I cant do the whole shuttle thing, but you can convert any shuttle tat into needle once you get the hang of it. Ok her name is RustiKate and she is da bomb peeps..really. Here is a video to get you started but you seriously should watch all her videos!

Then once you watch her videos then watch this one. It is by onevirtuouswoman She does her hands a bit different but the bracelet is cute. I did this with size 3 crochet thread. I seriously recommend getting size 10 crochet thread..I’ll show you why in a minute. So here is my bracelet off of that tutorial.



After I did that..I had to learn more and more. I found that you can add beads to tatting.. I found free patterns on google images. I found free patterns on It was just amazing!

I found snowflakes. Just in time for winter! I tatted a bunch and put a pack on facebook to sell. Here is the picture of those.



I found that it was a minimal cost. I charge $6.50 plus shipping for this pack. It has one larger is a better picture of that one. I use size 10 white crochet thread for these so if you want to make these for you or gifts..that is why you need a nice roll of white thread in that size.



It is about the size of your palm..the other ones are a hair smaller and then obviously the others are little. They are stiff and come with hangers for the christmas tree. They do take some times to make, but I can make a set in an afternoon. I sold 8 sets of these right before christmas and make a nice little chunk of cash to start my next adventure…

I love learning things. It’s amazing what I can learn to do.. I also am selling these pendants for necklaces.

IMG_0510 They are using two different size yarns. The one of the left is a smaller, thinner yarn made for tatting, that is a size 20. If you use embroidery thread get a size 12. The one of the right is our of a size 10 thread. It is tatting thread but is the same as crochet thread. I am selling these for $4 plus shipping..just the pendant. If you want the black velvet necklace part, it is $6 plus shipping. These are not super stiff, but hold their shape pretty well with spray starch. If I stiffen them, they will scratch your neck, plus the color doesnt stay sharp. Everything is customizable too.

Learn a new skill this new year..put it to work raising money to help you homestead. All my profits go to help run the homestead during the winter months when I cannot sell any produce or meat. If you would like to order either the snowflakes or the pendants feel free to contact me at


Happy Homesteading!!   😀



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