Skill: Jewelry Making

So..I blog posts in forever and now two in one day!! Woohoo! Jackpot! Actually I feel like total crud. I ate wheat a couple days ago and I’m still feeling the effects of it. I cannot eat gluten anymore. It actually was causing my “fibromyalgia” I Anyway, that is why I’m blogging today. I am canning soup right now, so dont think I’m not still homesteading 😛

My last post was about tatting. I love tatting as much or more than crocheting. As I was making those pendants and stuff I started looking at making necklaces..then earrings..then It just snowballed. For christmas I asked for jewelry making stuff and my husband responded well to the thought of that. I think mostly it was because I had made money tatting and he thought I could make money with this too.

It’s hard. Dont let anyone tell you different. It’s expensive. Dont let anyone tell you different. To get the good crystals, the sterling wire, the gold wire that doesnt turn silver at the touch of needle nose pliers, to get glass beads and not’s expensive. If you think it’s not hard, come on over! I’ll have you making loops at the end of the wire in no time..but oh wait they all have to be the same size..go it have other necklaces to make. Oh did I mention the whole necklace has those are 50 pieces of wire..make loops all the same size! Go!

Yes you can make jewelry cheap, yes you can make it quickly, but if you want to develop a skill. You do it right and to do it right means you get the right tools, you buy the best materials you can afford, you take the time to make it just make all the loops the same size to the best of your ability. I have easily $150 wrapped up in this and I am at about a medium grade jewelry maker. I use some glass beads, some plastic that look expensive and will hold up better, I use higher end metals but they arent sterling silver or 18 carat gold. I dont cheapen my bracelets by using thread. I use wire instead. I am learning and I am getting better. Besides why would you buy sterling silver wire if you dont know how to make what you need efficiently. That stuff is ungodly expensive.

IMG_0515 IMG_0533 IMG_0536Here are some of my pieces I’ve made so far. See those loops on those earrings..the ones holding everything together..quickly..make 50 for this new necklace lol. The bracelet I posted on facebook. I got two orders. One for smaller white pearl beads with red instead of pink. Then she ordered one with green instead of the pink. Then she wanted matching earrings! I have started listing my stuff on etsy. Those earrings and that matching set are on there. I try not to charge a ton. I figure my material costs, double it for unexpected price increases, add a $1 for labor per hour..yeah I’m a sweat shop worker, then double that price to make a profit. As I get better and can afford better materials, I’m sure my prices will go up but this is fair and I wear all my jewelry. I have kids and pets and I homestead..they hold up.  I also am going to list my tatting, crocheting and anything else I make.

Feel free to browse. I’m not writing this blog solely so you check out my store and order..I also write because it is important to expose yourself to many things. I had no idea I would love making jewelry. I just tried it and liked it. I tried knitting..didnt like it, but I can crochet. I learned to I can make one of a kind pendants for necklaces. I also like doing necklaces and got tired of not finding what I was looking for that I am going this weekend and buying polymer clay and epoxy clay to make my own stuff. Of course I found all these wonderful ideas on youtube! You can learn a lot by watching someone else. If you lost your job today, how would you make money? Homesteads dont run without money, no matter how much we wish they did. You can only barter so much before you need to buy. If you stay at home, what can you do to help out with money?? Learn something. School is not over because you grew up.

I’m not saying you need to learn something new everyday, but when you say to yourself..aaaahh I’m bored! Well search Crafts on youtube and learn something lol.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀 if there is not alot listed, its because I’m busy or dont have a lot made yet 🙂

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