Cymbalta Wean-Day 5&6

Well I totally forgot to blog yesterday.. oh well you all forgive me right? Well if not whatever..who needs ya! This will be quick, short, sweet. I totally am glad I did this wean off cymbalta. I haven’t had all the “dying” side effects, just dizziness. I hate the diet I’m on but I cant complain because I have been almost pain free. I was expecting this to be a blog about how I couldnt get off the couch and barely could blog. Now mind you, I was only on 30 mg for 3 months. It was a low dose but I react really easily to medication. I have worked hard and have been sore,but not really woke with my usual “fibro” pain and was so sore I couldnt move. Thank you Jesus..cause you know what peeps..that is what is getting me through this.. Jesus.

I prayed extensively before I started this. I gave it all up to God. I asked many people to pray for me and they did and still are. I trust that God will help me find the very thing that is making my body react..or many things. With his grace I have gotten through and his mercy on me. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe that God can heal you from anything. I’m not saying I’m a walking miracle, but when you read the stories upon stories of people who have had horrible reactions coming off this medication, I am a miracle. I’m not saying I’m cured. I have a long way to go. I have days of minor soreness but it is never enough to make me lay on the couch and not want to move.

I would strongly suggest if you are on this medication and are trying to wean off, use the info out there and definitely up your omega 3’s. I would also suggest going off almost everything you ate before and go down to a Candida Diet. No carbs, no sugar, no starchy vegetables, and no fruit except the three I did. I know it’s very hard to eat this way but let me just say if it is a food allergy, you will catch it. Who is allergic to meat and about 5 no one. I also contribute my success to no pesticides and raw food. If you are buying grocery store meat, you’re not doing yourself a favor.  Spend the extra money and go to Whole foods and try to find grassfed meat. Ask friends, neighbors, facebook if there is a place to get organic items or grassfed items in your area. It makes all the difference in the world.

So with all of that I will leave you today with my side effects and what I’ve eaten. Yes I was a little bad..but whatever..dont judge lol

Side Effects:

  • extreme dizziness yesterday evening, light dizziness today- I am just trying to take it easy

What I ate:

  • breakfast-cottage cheese, celery and left over tuna salad
  • lunch-italian sausage from pastured pigs (unfortunately it still had nitrates in it 😦  ), and salad
  • dinner-pastured, organic chicken and organic white rice cooked in the remaining broth
  • snack-cucumber


  • breakfast- blueberries..lots and lots of blueberries
  • lunch- chicken liver pate, couple slices of raw cheese, sauteed vegetables(leeks, asparagus, celery)
  • dinner- homemade chili..and homemade means venison meat, organic black beans(soaked properly and cooked), tomatoes I canned myself which are organic, chili powder, garlic powder, and red organic onion- not “homemade” dump in cans of stuff
  • snack icecream made with milk kefir, grassfed cream, banana puree, and real vanilla extract
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