Cymbalta Wean-Day 4

Well this morning I was dizzy here and there. I also noticed my eyes sometimes arent seeing as clear as they should. My hands hurt like someone had a thousand knives in them. That sometimes happens with weather changes. I had already promised Farmer Joe I’d be there no matter I got around, did chores, and headed over. It was a bit cold out and so I volunteered to mess with the water to wash carrots. I figured if my hands were numb it would cure my pain for the day lol. Worked great until I had to go back to picking carrots and put my gloves back on. The warmth started them hurting again and by 4 I was done. My back hurt, my hands hurt, my legs hurt, my neck hurt..oh heck..everything hurt so bad I couldnt even move.  Hard manual labor is hard without pain meds. Other than that I”m still ok. I havent taken any meds and this is the end of my 4th day. I really hope I can continue with no meds and not have any side effects besides this minor stuff. We will see tomorrow. I know I will be sore. You never realize how much work carrots are until you spend literally the whole day pulling, cleaning, and boxing them up and with 3 other people you dont even finish the bed of carrots!


Side Effects:

dizziness here and there, sometimes blurry vision, my “fibro” hand pain is back


What I ate:

  • breakfast-celery, peanut butter, and chia seeds with a glass of milk
  • lunch-turkey, sauerkraut, and a couple slices of cheese
  • dinner-tuna with miracle whip..yup I ate it.. I cant eat plain tuna..yuck, celery, and a partial carrot
  • snack-popcorn

I’m not craving sugar very much which is great, but I really want toast!

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