Cymbalta Wean-Day 3

Well today I was a little worried when I woke. Last night I was really getting dizzy right before bed. I was super worried it would be a day filled with dizziness while attempting to work at the church.  I woke today feeling great actually.  I wasn’t really hungry but after the mountain of dinner I ate last night, who would be? I ended up not eating anything for breakfast. Shush..I know most important meal of the day blah blah. I eat when I’m hungry and dont when I’m not. I ended up not eating till lunch. I did take my supplements and drank two glasses of water along with some kombucha flavored with pomegranate. The bean paste upset my stomach so dinner was light and I am crashing in bed early tonight. Tomorrow is working all day 9-5 at Farmer Joes, doing carrots..its probably going to rain too..yuck!


Side effects: a little dizzy here and there throughout the day. No headache finally.

What I ate:

  • vitamin supplements
  • no breakfast
  • lunch- turkey, dill sauerkraut, couple slices of herb cheese
  • a couple spoons full of bean paste that I made to ferment for a few days
  • dinner- lamb steak and eggs.(yes I ate two), cottage cheese(store bought so I’ll feel gross anyway which is why I went ahead and ate the eggs 🙂  ), salad with store bought zesty italian dressing. It has 1 gr of sugar but I figure the fruit has more and its not HFCS so I’ll live with it. I hate homemade dressings.
  • some blueberry milk for a dessert because my stomach is bothering me.
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