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Skill: Jewelry Making

So..I blog posts in forever and now two in one day!! Woohoo! Jackpot! Actually I feel like total crud. I ate wheat a couple days ago and I’m still feeling the effects of it. I cannot eat gluten anymore. It actually was causing my “fibromyalgia” I Anyway, that is why I’m blogging today. I am canning soup right now, so dont think I’m not still homesteading 😛

My last post was about tatting. I love tatting as much or more than crocheting. As I was making those pendants and stuff I started looking at making necklaces..then earrings..then It just snowballed. For christmas I asked for jewelry making stuff and my husband responded well to the thought of that. I think mostly it was because I had made money tatting and he thought I could make money with this too.

It’s hard. Dont let anyone tell you different. It’s expensive. Dont let anyone tell you different. To get the good crystals, the sterling wire, the gold wire that doesnt turn silver at the touch of needle nose pliers, to get glass beads and not’s expensive. If you think it’s not hard, come on over! I’ll have you making loops at the end of the wire in no time..but oh wait they all have to be the same size..go it have other necklaces to make. Oh did I mention the whole necklace has those are 50 pieces of wire..make loops all the same size! Go!

Yes you can make jewelry cheap, yes you can make it quickly, but if you want to develop a skill. You do it right and to do it right means you get the right tools, you buy the best materials you can afford, you take the time to make it just make all the loops the same size to the best of your ability. I have easily $150 wrapped up in this and I am at about a medium grade jewelry maker. I use some glass beads, some plastic that look expensive and will hold up better, I use higher end metals but they arent sterling silver or 18 carat gold. I dont cheapen my bracelets by using thread. I use wire instead. I am learning and I am getting better. Besides why would you buy sterling silver wire if you dont know how to make what you need efficiently. That stuff is ungodly expensive.

IMG_0515 IMG_0533 IMG_0536Here are some of my pieces I’ve made so far. See those loops on those earrings..the ones holding everything together..quickly..make 50 for this new necklace lol. The bracelet I posted on facebook. I got two orders. One for smaller white pearl beads with red instead of pink. Then she ordered one with green instead of the pink. Then she wanted matching earrings! I have started listing my stuff on etsy. Those earrings and that matching set are on there. I try not to charge a ton. I figure my material costs, double it for unexpected price increases, add a $1 for labor per hour..yeah I’m a sweat shop worker, then double that price to make a profit. As I get better and can afford better materials, I’m sure my prices will go up but this is fair and I wear all my jewelry. I have kids and pets and I homestead..they hold up.  I also am going to list my tatting, crocheting and anything else I make.

Feel free to browse. I’m not writing this blog solely so you check out my store and order..I also write because it is important to expose yourself to many things. I had no idea I would love making jewelry. I just tried it and liked it. I tried knitting..didnt like it, but I can crochet. I learned to I can make one of a kind pendants for necklaces. I also like doing necklaces and got tired of not finding what I was looking for that I am going this weekend and buying polymer clay and epoxy clay to make my own stuff. Of course I found all these wonderful ideas on youtube! You can learn a lot by watching someone else. If you lost your job today, how would you make money? Homesteads dont run without money, no matter how much we wish they did. You can only barter so much before you need to buy. If you stay at home, what can you do to help out with money?? Learn something. School is not over because you grew up.

I’m not saying you need to learn something new everyday, but when you say to yourself..aaaahh I’m bored! Well search Crafts on youtube and learn something lol.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀 if there is not alot listed, its because I’m busy or dont have a lot made yet 🙂

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Skill: Tatting

Every once in a while I get this bug to try something new. Lots of people follow pinterest. I just cant get into it. I am however a lover of youtube! So one day I was looking up a new crochet stitch. Side note: you really should learn to sew, crochet, or knit. You can make a ton of wonderful things for your family. day I was looking up a new crochet stitch and off to the side there, to the right, was a nice choice of other videos. I looked over and saw “lets tat a bracelet.”  Hm..what’s tatting??  Click!

I watched was intrigued, grabbed my lock stick crochet looking thingy and did it with crochet yarn. Interesting..must learn more. I called my mom..apparently I have now reached the point where I no longer mimic my mother and grandmother..this is a great grandma thing. She used to tat on handkerchiefs and make a lovely decorative border. Well since I cant do the whole handkerchief thing (whole nother story), I decided to look up more info online.

Here is my first tatted piece


Cool huh? Its about the size of a coaster. So since I haven’t blogged, I figure I’d let you know what I’ve been up to! I’ve also been working for farmer Joe so it doesnt leave a lot of time. Homeschooling the kids, doing chores, taking care of all the animals..oh did I mention we have rabbits?? hm..did I blog about that? I’m going to have to look! See its been sooo long. Dont think I didnt miss you all. Anyway..back on topic. If you would like to tat, you can make money off of it. I did and still am. Facebook is your biggest key selling point by the way.

Here is the youtube video that you should learn to tat from..oh and by the way there is shuttle tatting and needle tatting. I found I cant do the whole shuttle thing, but you can convert any shuttle tat into needle once you get the hang of it. Ok her name is RustiKate and she is da bomb peeps..really. Here is a video to get you started but you seriously should watch all her videos!

Then once you watch her videos then watch this one. It is by onevirtuouswoman She does her hands a bit different but the bracelet is cute. I did this with size 3 crochet thread. I seriously recommend getting size 10 crochet thread..I’ll show you why in a minute. So here is my bracelet off of that tutorial.



After I did that..I had to learn more and more. I found that you can add beads to tatting.. I found free patterns on google images. I found free patterns on It was just amazing!

I found snowflakes. Just in time for winter! I tatted a bunch and put a pack on facebook to sell. Here is the picture of those.



I found that it was a minimal cost. I charge $6.50 plus shipping for this pack. It has one larger is a better picture of that one. I use size 10 white crochet thread for these so if you want to make these for you or gifts..that is why you need a nice roll of white thread in that size.



It is about the size of your palm..the other ones are a hair smaller and then obviously the others are little. They are stiff and come with hangers for the christmas tree. They do take some times to make, but I can make a set in an afternoon. I sold 8 sets of these right before christmas and make a nice little chunk of cash to start my next adventure…

I love learning things. It’s amazing what I can learn to do.. I also am selling these pendants for necklaces.

IMG_0510 They are using two different size yarns. The one of the left is a smaller, thinner yarn made for tatting, that is a size 20. If you use embroidery thread get a size 12. The one of the right is our of a size 10 thread. It is tatting thread but is the same as crochet thread. I am selling these for $4 plus shipping..just the pendant. If you want the black velvet necklace part, it is $6 plus shipping. These are not super stiff, but hold their shape pretty well with spray starch. If I stiffen them, they will scratch your neck, plus the color doesnt stay sharp. Everything is customizable too.

Learn a new skill this new year..put it to work raising money to help you homestead. All my profits go to help run the homestead during the winter months when I cannot sell any produce or meat. If you would like to order either the snowflakes or the pendants feel free to contact me at


Happy Homesteading!!   😀



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Cymbalta Wean-Day 5&6

Well I totally forgot to blog yesterday.. oh well you all forgive me right? Well if not whatever..who needs ya! This will be quick, short, sweet. I totally am glad I did this wean off cymbalta. I haven’t had all the “dying” side effects, just dizziness. I hate the diet I’m on but I cant complain because I have been almost pain free. I was expecting this to be a blog about how I couldnt get off the couch and barely could blog. Now mind you, I was only on 30 mg for 3 months. It was a low dose but I react really easily to medication. I have worked hard and have been sore,but not really woke with my usual “fibro” pain and was so sore I couldnt move. Thank you Jesus..cause you know what peeps..that is what is getting me through this.. Jesus.

I prayed extensively before I started this. I gave it all up to God. I asked many people to pray for me and they did and still are. I trust that God will help me find the very thing that is making my body react..or many things. With his grace I have gotten through and his mercy on me. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe that God can heal you from anything. I’m not saying I’m a walking miracle, but when you read the stories upon stories of people who have had horrible reactions coming off this medication, I am a miracle. I’m not saying I’m cured. I have a long way to go. I have days of minor soreness but it is never enough to make me lay on the couch and not want to move.

I would strongly suggest if you are on this medication and are trying to wean off, use the info out there and definitely up your omega 3’s. I would also suggest going off almost everything you ate before and go down to a Candida Diet. No carbs, no sugar, no starchy vegetables, and no fruit except the three I did. I know it’s very hard to eat this way but let me just say if it is a food allergy, you will catch it. Who is allergic to meat and about 5 no one. I also contribute my success to no pesticides and raw food. If you are buying grocery store meat, you’re not doing yourself a favor.  Spend the extra money and go to Whole foods and try to find grassfed meat. Ask friends, neighbors, facebook if there is a place to get organic items or grassfed items in your area. It makes all the difference in the world.

So with all of that I will leave you today with my side effects and what I’ve eaten. Yes I was a little bad..but whatever..dont judge lol

Side Effects:

  • extreme dizziness yesterday evening, light dizziness today- I am just trying to take it easy

What I ate:

  • breakfast-cottage cheese, celery and left over tuna salad
  • lunch-italian sausage from pastured pigs (unfortunately it still had nitrates in it 😦  ), and salad
  • dinner-pastured, organic chicken and organic white rice cooked in the remaining broth
  • snack-cucumber


  • breakfast- blueberries..lots and lots of blueberries
  • lunch- chicken liver pate, couple slices of raw cheese, sauteed vegetables(leeks, asparagus, celery)
  • dinner- homemade chili..and homemade means venison meat, organic black beans(soaked properly and cooked), tomatoes I canned myself which are organic, chili powder, garlic powder, and red organic onion- not “homemade” dump in cans of stuff
  • snack icecream made with milk kefir, grassfed cream, banana puree, and real vanilla extract
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Cymbalta Wean-Day 4

Well this morning I was dizzy here and there. I also noticed my eyes sometimes arent seeing as clear as they should. My hands hurt like someone had a thousand knives in them. That sometimes happens with weather changes. I had already promised Farmer Joe I’d be there no matter I got around, did chores, and headed over. It was a bit cold out and so I volunteered to mess with the water to wash carrots. I figured if my hands were numb it would cure my pain for the day lol. Worked great until I had to go back to picking carrots and put my gloves back on. The warmth started them hurting again and by 4 I was done. My back hurt, my hands hurt, my legs hurt, my neck hurt..oh heck..everything hurt so bad I couldnt even move.  Hard manual labor is hard without pain meds. Other than that I”m still ok. I havent taken any meds and this is the end of my 4th day. I really hope I can continue with no meds and not have any side effects besides this minor stuff. We will see tomorrow. I know I will be sore. You never realize how much work carrots are until you spend literally the whole day pulling, cleaning, and boxing them up and with 3 other people you dont even finish the bed of carrots!


Side Effects:

dizziness here and there, sometimes blurry vision, my “fibro” hand pain is back


What I ate:

  • breakfast-celery, peanut butter, and chia seeds with a glass of milk
  • lunch-turkey, sauerkraut, and a couple slices of cheese
  • dinner-tuna with miracle whip..yup I ate it.. I cant eat plain tuna..yuck, celery, and a partial carrot
  • snack-popcorn

I’m not craving sugar very much which is great, but I really want toast!

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Cymbalta Wean-Day 3

Well today I was a little worried when I woke. Last night I was really getting dizzy right before bed. I was super worried it would be a day filled with dizziness while attempting to work at the church.  I woke today feeling great actually.  I wasn’t really hungry but after the mountain of dinner I ate last night, who would be? I ended up not eating anything for breakfast. Shush..I know most important meal of the day blah blah. I eat when I’m hungry and dont when I’m not. I ended up not eating till lunch. I did take my supplements and drank two glasses of water along with some kombucha flavored with pomegranate. The bean paste upset my stomach so dinner was light and I am crashing in bed early tonight. Tomorrow is working all day 9-5 at Farmer Joes, doing carrots..its probably going to rain too..yuck!


Side effects: a little dizzy here and there throughout the day. No headache finally.

What I ate:

  • vitamin supplements
  • no breakfast
  • lunch- turkey, dill sauerkraut, couple slices of herb cheese
  • a couple spoons full of bean paste that I made to ferment for a few days
  • dinner- lamb steak and eggs.(yes I ate two), cottage cheese(store bought so I’ll feel gross anyway which is why I went ahead and ate the eggs 🙂  ), salad with store bought zesty italian dressing. It has 1 gr of sugar but I figure the fruit has more and its not HFCS so I’ll live with it. I hate homemade dressings.
  • some blueberry milk for a dessert because my stomach is bothering me.
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Cymbalta Weaning-Day 2

Well its day two. All I thought about last night was how much I wanted something sweet! This morning all I want is a nice big fat piece of toast. I still have a mega headache. My neck muscles are killing me. I still think most of it is from yesterday sleeping wrong. I woke up with morning starving and not even sure what to eat. I, at one time, was sensitive to eggs so I have taken them off my diet along with nuts.

We watched movies all morning and I’ve been on the couch. I haven’t noticed any side effects yet other than this headache. Tomorrow will be the true test because I know I can go two days without meds.

It’s almost 3 and the headache has not budged despite taking prescription I’m headed for a nap. Hopefully it will be better..but I hightly doubt it.  I have not taken any med again today.

Well dinner time. I slept for two hours and the headache left..I got to cook dinner but when I sat down to eat..back it is. I think I’m going to see if I can get my son to give me a massage..or the hubby. I made potatoes for the family and it was all I could do not to tear into one..but carbs turn to sugar..I’m going to use rice and steel cut oats among starchy vegetables for my carbs for now. I love you potatoes..I promise I’ll eat you again if I am not allergic to you… Man I want ice cream!!


Just wanted to let you know what vitamins I am taking and now much each day. I take 2 of each of these a day, one in the morning and one at night before bed.

  • Vitamin E-400IU (Spring Valley brand)
  • Calcium w/ vitamin D- 600Mg Calcium/ 400 IU vitamin D (kroger brand called Bone Supplement)
  • Probiotic Multi-Enzyme Digestive Formula(Spring Valley brand)
  • Fish/Flax/Borage oil(spring valley brand)
  • Farmers Joes Supertonic-swig in the morning and swig at night

I was taking a multivitamin but they make me sick..not just now..always. Not sure why but I just cant take them.

Side Effects:

  • None that I can feel except the headache from yesterday sleeping wrong.

What I ate:

  • raw milk smoothie with blueberries- I seriously miss adding sugar   😦
  • popcorn for a snack
  • mahi mahi fillet and sauteed vegtables( leeks, asparagus, celery, crushed dried tomatoes,garlic,kale) with quinoa
  • dinner was italian sausage seared  in a pan with green beans, a little corn and a mix of baby greens/spinach. I also put a few slices of a garden herb cheese crumbled on top..and I made A LOT of it to eat tonight.
  • While my family had a can of french onion pringles..another weakness of mine, I pigged out on blueberries to try to satisfy this sweet craving. washed it all down with a glass of milk.
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