Soooo today I am starting my goodbyes to Cymbalta. I was put on this two months ago because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Against the wishes of Farmer Joe and my friend Lanae and a few others, I went on the drug instead of finding the root cause of my problem. It worked great once I got through two weeks of side effects. I was sitting pretty for a month and a half..ok really only a month. happened..

I was in the shower and was washing my hair…and a little too much came out in my hand. I was like WHOA…hm.. maybe i’m just shedding. Well it continued. Everytime I brushed my hair a fair amount came out. Everytime I came out. I started not brushing or washing my hair..but still it was falling out.  Something obviously was wrong here. It’s not labeled as a side effect so I searched online. Well wouldnt you know it.  There are a ton of people who have had this happen. By the time they noticed, they had bald patches. Um no thanks! I know I’m not a girly girl or anything, but I would SOOOO rather live with chronic pain then to be bald.

Drawback to saying goodbye to Cymbalta is apparently it is a wicked drug that gives you side effects that make you feel like you are dying in hell for weeks on end. How wonderful! I also started reading on weaning myself off because my doctor isnt in till monday and its saturday. It already takes 6 weeks for it to clear your system once you take the last pill. If I wait even a day or two more I will be bald by the time it’s done!

For the next..hopefully not weeks on end..I will be blogging daily, unless I actually die, on my journey off Cymbalta. I want to make people aware of what is going on with me, in the hopes of helping someone else. I have researched till I was blue in the face all last night and most of today on what could possibly be causing my fibro symptoms. I found two main things most people dont look at. The first thing is gluten intolerance and the other is an overgrowth of Candida bacteria in your gut.  So since I am sick, since I will obviously feel like crap for the next few weeks due to side effects, I have added to my pain and have decided to follow the Candida diet which will also, in the same process, eliminate gluten from my diet.

There are a few things that I am keeping in my diet. Candida thrives on sugar. I know this, but a lot of websites say to cut out milk. Now for the last month-ish I have been craving cream. Like I could just drink straight cream, which means I’m not getting enough fat of some kind. So I am keeping milk for now while I wean off Cymbalta. I also am keeping three fruits. Fruit sugar is something that some say stay away from and others say they eat. I am keeping cranberries, blueberries, and pomegranate (at least till it is out of season). These are all extremely good for the body and contain many antioxidants. I will just eat these in moderation or when I want something sweet.

I went shopping today also because although I eat fairly healthy, I eat starch and apparently that is a no no. I had to veggie up a bit before I die and cant go shopping. The next series of posts will take you through each day of side effects, food I eat, and supplements I am taking. I hope it helps someone and if you have already done this..please comment!!


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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4 thoughts on “Cymbalta…Goodbye

  1. I was taking Cymbalta to help with my anxiety and chronic pain, but the side effects drove me away, too. Horrible dry mouth, restless legs that kept me up all night, etc. I took it in my for a month and quit cold turkey. I immediately began feeling better once i tossed those awful pills! Wishing you luck!!

  2. Get off this drug. The only reason it was even approved for fibromyalgia is because Cymbalta changes brain chemistry (no one quite understands how — still) and fibro is a disease that’s 100% in your head. Which is definitely not to say that you don’t legitimately feel crappy, but what Cymbalta will never tell you is that simply eating right and exercising will do more for you than a lifetime on their pill. What they also won’t tell you is the longterm neurological impact of the drug, or how it destroys your liver, or how no human being was ever meant to be on it for more than 6 months.

    Sadly, Cymbalta is something I know pretty well… I used to do the ads for it. 😉

  3. JCJohnsong

    If I were you I would try supplementing with TURINE 1000 mg (two or three times a day).
    Take it along with…
    P5P ((Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate — the active form of vit B6)
    (NOTE – jet airline fuel creates airborne carbonyl residues which may block the conversion of B6 to P5P in your body. Depending on where you live, there maybe significant jet fuel residues in the air and on the ground).
    Magnesium Turate and
    Do this for 3 or so weeks and see if you don’t see your symptoms improving. Post back after you’ve tried it for awhile and let us know what you noticed.
    You can start small with 500mg of Taurine once a day and then increase every few days till you get to the full dose of 3000 mg if you prefer. you might feel a bit odd at first if you go to 3000 from 0 with taurine but that is just because things are getting nutrients that have not had any in awhile and are not used to it. My mom described it as a ‘numb’ kind of feeling. That will pass.

    Read this for more information …

    • aumcchildren

      I found out my true problem is my stomach doesn’t make enough acid to digest my food therefore I wasn’t getting any nutrients into my body. A self-diagnosis but it solved all of my problems that I had with becoming allergic to more and more things. Right now I take digestive enzymes that have HCl inside of them and I also eat a lot of more fermented foods and I’m able to digest everything except for eggs. I don’t have anymore pain or fatigue or anything like that anymore 🙂

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