Grow Food in 5 Minutes a Day

Today during homeschool there was a question posed to my kids. Should we grow less food using organic methods or produce more food with non organic methods? So I asked them. What do you think? My oldest answered I think we should grow more, but my youngest said I think we should grow less. Guess who is my organic garden helper?   😉  So then I said, “Do you know that most of the corn and soybeans in the U.S arent grown for us to eat?? They are grown for animals. So given that information what do you think we should do? Eat less meat and grow more vegetables on that grain land or leave it. Both said to grow more vegetables.

That stirred a spirit in me. My tomatoes are sitting there peeled and awaiting jars for canning and here I am writing a post.  The reason why I am writing is to say that I believe the reason why we dont use more organic methods is because we need to produce more..why? because people are either A.) Lazy and dont want to take the time to plant a garden  B.) Dont know how to plant a garden or where to start or C.) Dont have “time” to plant.

I have decided to eliminate B and C today in this post. If you are just lazy well then quit reading because you wont do what I propose anyway. Go ahead and buy your food at your grocery store, not knowing who grew it or what they put on it..see ya!!

For the rest of you here is how you can grow your own food in 5 minutes a day. Everyone has 5 minutes. Just set your alarm earlier and you’re golden.

5 Min: Grab a potato out of your pantry. Place it in a bag in the dark for about a month or find a potato that already is starting to get eyes on it.

5 Min: Check on the potato once a week to see if eyes have formed. Once they have…

5 Min: Watch this youtube video so you know what we will be doing :

5 Min:  Buy a 5 gallon bucket when you’re in town or a big planter and a couple bags of potting soil.

5 Min: Put at least 6 inches of soil in the bottom of the bucket and put it in your home in front of a window-preferably one that gets sun.

Next Day: Put the potato in your bucket- eye side up and then cover the rest with soil.

5 Min: Water just enough to keep the soil semi moist.

5 Min each day: Keep checking your plant to make sure the soil is semi moist.

5 Min: When your plant stem and leaves are about 6 inches above the soil, place more potting mix in until only 2 inches of leaves are above the soil.

The continuing days: Each day check your plant for semi moist soil-water accordingly, each time your leaves and stems are 6 inches above the soil- add more soil until only 2 inches are left above the soil. Continue this until your bucket is full of soil. Once your bucket is full of soil you just check and water accordingly until your plant dies. It will bloom pretty white flowers and then eventually die.

If you continue to plant new potatoes in new buckets about a month after each other, you will have potatoes all year. Reuse the soil eventually to save money. You might need fertilizer eventually but farms have free manure all the time. rabbit manure can be placed on top without burning your plant. Just use it sparingly. NO it doesnt stink.

Once your plant dies- 5 Min: plan a time SOON to take 20 minutes to work on potatoes

20 Min: place something on the ground outside or in a garage to catch all the soil and potatoes in the bucket, dump out the bucket, gather potatoes and place them in a box..still dirty- just brush off most of the dirt. Place them in a cool spot.

5 Min: Wash up a few potatoes and enjoy them for dinner!

Do not wash the potatoes until you are going to use them. Make sure they are not wet. If you need to, lay them out on newspaper for a day or so till the dirt is dry then brush them off and place them in a box.  That’s it!

Plants can grow in any place- apartments in the city, in the suburbs, or on the farm. Dont let not knowing stop you. Search you tube and when you get adventurous try this . There is never an excuse why you cant grow your own food.


Happy Homesteading!!!   😀


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