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I really wish I had 48 hours in my 24 hour day and that I could go endless hours without sleep and still feel perky.  I know you all wish that too lol.  I started my job working at Dollar General. It’s super close to my house and great since the kids are staying home. The only thing not great is the full time work I have to do and then try to finish the farming year here. I finally had two days off. You’d think that was great, but we have already started homeschooling so we can finish before the year before the next garden season which will be even busier as my CSA program grows.

Wed, I helped a friend clean part of her house, homeschooled my children, butchered some roosters I exchanged for laying hens, and made 4 gallons of chicken stock overnight. I also managed to visit the neighbor for about an hour. Then I had to go home and clean.

Today I didnt get to do school with the kids. They went ahead and did their reading and math, but nothing else got done. I ran to the vet to weigh the shepherd and get both dogs flea meds.  Then, I had my kids go out and gather our corn. I started with some we had picked from a friend while they brought in. So there they sat for a few hours on the floor shucking corn while I took the cobs and my awesome Pampered Chef tool and took the kernels off.  Yes they complained, but I told them this is what it means to be a farmer 😉

I’m now in the process of canning the chicken I butchered yesterday along with 8 gallons of corn. It will be a long night, but I have to get it done because tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping and then I have to work for 10 hours. Who knows what the rest of the next week will hold because I dont know my schedule. I cant have it sitting there for days. I have to gather the garden shares this weekend sometime too and get into the garden to pull out everything that is done and plant some buckwheat. If only there was a little more time…

Happy Homesteading!!  😀

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