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I’m Pooped! This summer is definitely not going the way I’ve wanted, but I’m just trying to go with the flow. My garden is at least half weeds. I have tomato blight, squash bugs, and my green beans suck.  On the bright side, my corn is turning out well and so did my carrots.  The garden share peeps seem happy with the turn out, but I know that it could be so much more than what it is.

The main problem is that I’ve been working. My husbands salary has me back earning money to keep things alive here. So this last month and a half I have been babysitting. Yes, I’m too old for this lol. I have been at her house 3 days a week for 10 hours each. So that filled my monday, tues, and thursday. Wed in the morning I’ve been helping clean a house then I am off to my garden I planted for a person who can no longer garden. She also has a share in my garden.  With those two things there goes my wed. Friday morning I help clean that house again and then go grocery shopping. After I am done there I try to catch 2 hours of swimming with the boys at a friends house. The only time left is the weekends and some nights if I’m not too tired. Not all my projects get done on a weekend. We have friends who want to come over, want us to come over, car problems, and some weeding.

I’m very surprised right now that my gardens are not worse then they are. I say gardens because as of right now I have my main garden share garden, a side garden that I had to make because I needed more room. It has two watermelon plants, 1 pumpkin plant, a row of radishes, two types of lettuce, rainbow chard, spinach, and mangel beets, along with 37 tomato plants. ( That is what I weeded tonight) Then I also have that garden in the other town. They are all at least 70% weed free 🙂  I’ve had to spend hours at night in there. I’m missing all my favorite shows and my family.

All my lambs are still doing ok. I have one (fat face) who now has a limp. We looked at his leg and the only thing we can come up with is that he might have gotten caught in the fence and sprained it. It definitely is hurting him and half the time he is on his knees eating. We are at this point just letting it go for a few days and see. I’m making sure the dog or nothing else make them all run. Hopefully it heals itself.  The only other thing I can think of is to ice pack it with some vet wrap. It looks to be the joint. We cant find any cuts or anything and it feels a bit hot and a tad swollen. I’m sure he will be fine.

I have been selling chickens and swapping them out for roosters people dont want. I’m almost down to just the three breeds I want. Wobbles the turkey is doing well also. He keeps following me around. He sleeps at night in the green house. My rabbit has been nothing but trouble lol. She was/is pregnant. She didnt really build a nest in the box and had 4 kits outside on the wire on day 26 from her first breeding. I thought that was it but then she built a mega next on day 28 and so I camped out all weekend with her. When she lays down you can see things moving in there. Each day they are getting higher and farther back. Today they were right up by the top of her hip. Tomorrow will be day 31 from her last breeding day. Here’s to hoping!! Even if its just one or two I’d be happy not to lose an entire litter.

Next week I start a new full time job. Then I will be balancing the remaining garden days, homeschool starting up again, housework, and a job. Sorry I havent blogged anything cool. I’m just too tired. In writing this it took me two hours because there are just things to do! Sometime tomorrow I have to butcher and can 4 just need a few weeks of 48 hour days!

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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Sara the Rabbit

So now that my husband knows and there is no danger of me getting in trouble, I’m going to blog about a new addition to our mini-farm. Her name is Sara and she is a Californian rabbit.


She has actually been with us for about a month. See here went the conversation.. “Do you care if I get a rabbit?” “Yes, I dont want rabbits.”  “Even if I can feed it for free?” “We dont need rabbits.” “Well I like the taste of rabbit and it would help if we had some in the freezer.” “I still dont want rabbits.” “Fine, but I’m getting one once I figure out how to feed it for free. That way you cant complain, besides I would be taking care of it anyway.” *Evil look from hubby* *smile by me*

So about two weeks after that conversation, a friend of mine told me she had a rabbit I could buy. She would include a breeding in the price. I already had the hutch from a rehab situation of an animal, but didnt have anything to go in it. I asked a lady friend of mine if she had any rabbit stuff and she gave me a heavy crock. That was all she had. It was a start. I got a rewards card for $5 so I went to the hardware store and picked up a hay rack and a water bottle. Total cost was $3. Ok so I spent some money on her..but so far we have not put more than $30 into her and the supplies total.

She is now about two weeks pregnant (lets hope anyway) and she is becoming very friendly. She knows our trick to tickle her feet in order to move her to the other side of the cage with the door, but we still manage to take her out. We try everyday to pasture her.  Here is what we built for her. It actually is made to hold 6 ish rabbits to finish them on pasture before culling to eat.

rabbit tractor

It is 5×7 total fence. The bottom has fence to keep her from digging out and it easily lets the grass come through. The sides are also the same wire and the top we are still working on. We are looking for a light piece of metal to provide the shade instead of the red board on top and then we will fix the other half with wire. Right now we just have a huge piece of wire across the whole top with bricks holding them. Then we put that red board on top to provide shade and so the cats wont lay on the top and knock in the wire. It works for now. It was made out of recycled 2x4s and fence I already had laying around. My son and I can lift it and move it as needed around the lamb pastures.

She totally enjoys being out all day and able to eat freely. At night we place her back in her cage with more fresh greens from the garden, alfalfa pellets, and hay. Usually by morning it is mostly gone and then we place her back out the next day. If she stays inside due to rain then we give her a nice pile of greens including the mixes of grass/weeds she would normally eat and garden stuff, twice a day. So far it is working well and she seems to be doing great on it.

Just a little update also on our turkeys. I was a really bad turkey mom and one accidentally drowned in our rain barrel. Ooops. Now I’m wiser! The one we have left is named Wobbles. The other one was Gobbles. Wobbles is growing like a weed and very nice. Still a little skiddish but I think that is just the heritage breed in him. I am pretty sure it is a him by the way he holds his wings and he tried to fan out when a strange chicken entered his area. So here is the latest picture. He is I think two months old now. So hard to remember all these animals birthdays!

wobbles1 wobbles2

Isnt he the cutest turkey ever!! Why of course he is lol.

Lambs and chickens still doing great and so is the garden. Thanks for having patience while I deal with summer and totally put off blogging  😉

Happy Homesteading!!   😀



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