Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Hi, tis the Jam season! I really do not need more, but this jam really can be multi-purpose. I use it on ice cream, on toast, or on shortcakes.  It is super easy to make. Lots of people use pectin for jams and jellies. I say Phoowey with you all. Why buy an ingredient?? You know my secret?? Corn starch.  Yup. Thickens immediately so no figuring out if it will thicken enough or not.

Now last year I used GMO corn starch because I didnt know any better. This year I am actually going to use Arrowroot powder and see how it goes. I guess if it doesnt work I’ll be adding GMO free corn starch I bought at whole foods.  So here are the strawberries I am going to be using.


I picked these from a friend’s house. He said he couldnt look at another strawberry…then proceeded to help my hubby and I pick lol. We will pick again tomorrow and then probably saturday. One batch to my friend Janice and the other frozen for yogurt.

Ok so my canning book says 4 cups of strawberries to 2 cups rhubarb. So that is what I did..then when I had a tad bit more rhubarb left over I dumped that in lol. Then it says to add 5 1/2 cups of sugar. Well that is always too sweet for me. This batch I added 4. When it is minutes from being done I will taste it again.

When you can rhubarb, it absorbs sugar so you always want it a tad sweeter than you normally would eat it.  All is boiling in a pot right now on the stove. Once the boil is achieved, I let it simmer for about an hour. This will make sure that all the rhubarb is soft and the berries are pretty much no existent. I always use my food processor to chop everything up before hand anyway 😉

Here it is cooking away.



Once this boils down some and everything is pretty mushy and the foam clears up some, (thats from the sugar) then I will add the arrowroot powder/or corn starch.  If you add water to your cornstarch before you put it in, it wont clump on ya. Be sure to use cold water and just enough to dissolve the powder!  Put in enough that it thickens to your liking and then bottle it up in canning jars. I hot water bath my jars because for some reason I dont get a really good seal on my jars and after a few weeks they look weird in there. I started this practice with all my preserves. It doesnt hurt to water bath stuff and its not that big of a deal for me to do it. The canner just heats up while I am cooking the stuff.

Here is a link of how I make plain Rhubarb just add strawberries lol.

OHHHH and while your waiting for jam, you should totally make banana chocolate chip muffins..just banana bread recipe with chips added..check it out!

banana chocolate chip muffins


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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2 thoughts on “Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

  1. I make strawberry syrup as well as jam. No pectin. I just boil it for 5 minutes and bottle it when it is still runny, then water bath can for 10 minutes. I love having some runnier stuff I can just pour on pancakes or ice cream.

    • aumcchildren

      I do too. It is very versatile if you leave it runnier I think. So what if it doesnt clump on toast lol.

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