Twists and Turns

Life has a lot of twists and turns in it. Usually I’m game and love the chaos of crazy heres and theres God tells me to go. Well not so much lately. Today my husband came home from work…at 8am. “Why are you home?” “I was pissed so I walked out.”  So after poking and prodding him to actually talk to me about what was bothering him, it turns out he was still steaming about the overtime cut. I know they told us about it last Monday, but my husband and I havent really had time to sit and talk about it. The week is very busy and he works late most nights..well right now. The weekend was filled with soccer games for end of the season tournament. So today when he came home we sat down, figured money, paychecks, deductions, bills, and made a game plan.  That game plan sucked by the way.

Turns out that if we keep paying my medical bills so they can disappear by the beginning of next year, then we have no money left over for food, or food for the dogs, or turkeys, or chickens. Good thing the lambs eat grass!!  So since we cant do much about his job situation and I refuse to make him work a second job just so I can sit and be a homesteader…It comes down to either I work a part time job to compensate or we will fail.  I hate “working.” I’m not above it, but I know I do not enjoy working for companies. What I do all day, people call work, but I love it.  This will in the long run, I hope, be a good thing my husband is on salary, it’s just at this time I cant see it. God’s plan is not my plan for sure this time. I am totally trusting that it is a good thing in the end and will hold on to that hope.

Prayers our way are always welcomed.

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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One thought on “Twists and Turns

  1. May God indeed provide, and show his faithfulness and mercy in recognizable ways.

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