Starting over

This weeks theme among blog friends including me is starting over. You would think it was Jan 1st around here, but no its May..although you couldn’t tell by the weather!  All of us have various reasons for starting over and what exactly we are starting over with. Farmgirl is starting over with a new place, new shop, new town or will be soon. Mike is having to start over with one of the first projects on his homestead, rabbits. I am starting over with saving for my dream homestead.

At one time we were almost to our goal money, our credit wasnt moving. We had to spend money this year on spring animals and with that the added expense of expansion. We had to get a bank loan and a new truck which has sucked us dry of any spare money.  Our savings is near to nothing again. This month is a new start on saving.   At least we arent starting with nothing..we have about 1300 towards our 10,000 goal.  I visited my best friends mother today looking for free homesteading goodies. She had none but did have advise which is always good.

God has a plan. His ways are not our ways and things are not in our timing most of the time.  What happens today will impact tomorrow.  God works things out for good in all situations..we often times dont see it till down the road.  I know it is frustrating for Farmgirl to have to put her homestead on hold once start over, but it will work out.  It has to be devastating for Mike to have to lay to rest a huge herd of rabbits, but it will work out.  I can do nothing but shake my head at the though of having to live here another year and have to save yet again hundreds of dollars that dont seem to be in our future, but it will work out. Each situation although different is the same. We will be thankful later at some point that this happened. (may be years down the road) We will be wiser, stronger, and better equipt to handle challenges that lie ahead.

No matter what happens in your homesteading life, just know there is a reason and be comforted in that. Look for the positive and move forward towards a better tomorrow.

Happy Homesteading!!  😀

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4 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. Starting over is the theme with us as well. Just when we thought things were moving in the right direction we had a leak under our sink which caused hundreds of dollars in repairs. Last night lightening hit a tree and now we’re looking at hundreds more to cut down the remaining tree and taking care of debris removal. At first I looked as these things as steps backwards, but I realized they are really steps going forward because we are learning something from each obstacle thrown in our way. And when we acquire more knowledge, we also acquire more power. I should be feeling pretty powerful after the last week 🙂

  2. Crazy, isn’t it? We were both so close! But alas, there must be a reason and all good things heading our ways!

    • aumcchildren

      I sincerely hope so. We are just tightening the belt the next few months. These medical bills are killing us but once they are gone..smooth sailing. I would rather stay where I”m at and pay off my medical bills then move and not have enough money to pay them!

  3. Nothing is worse than having to blow your savings on a depreciating asset (truck). We went through it recently with our van. I want desperately to save up and buy a parcel of land in the center of Colorado. Every time we start to save for land, something happens (usually a vehicle related issue). It’ll come in time. Everything you need comes when you need it. That’s God.

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