Another Farm update

Well as you can see I haven’t been on much. I just recently caught up with all the reading of friends blogs. I am never on facebook anymore it seems. I was off over the weekend and what happens?? My best friends brother had their baby…sigh..been waiting and missed it! Facebook is better than any ol newspaper!  Ok enough on whats going on over there at the Simply Grown Farms??  Well nothing   😉

Ok not entirely true. My lambs were sick..did I tell you?  I dont even remember!  They were. Lambs are very fragile until about 4 months old. They get pneumonia if you look at them wrong!  With all this rain we’ve had and the cold blowing wind, it was hard to keep them healthy. I was giving them antibiotics and just plain got tired of it.  Who wants to go out there everyday and give 6 lambs shots?? Not me!  One day I had, had enough.  It seemed like they weren’t getting better. I said, “You stupid lambs can just die! I”m not giving you anymore meds.”  And they all survived and are doing fine.  We have names for them now..not fancy names cause most will die.  We’ve got Big Boss Man..he’s our male we are keeping to breed.  We have Cow, the spotted one, Fat Face..he’s all furry and fat in the face, Chubby who always looks bloated, then Orange and Green. The girls are still named by their ear tags which seem to fall off every year before we can butcher so I’d better come up with better names. My dad suggested Lamb Chop…hm..we really dont plan on killing the girls, but maybe if they dont fill out and get a tad taller!


Back Left-Fat face, Back right- Big Boss Man, Middle back-Cow, front left-Orange, Front middle-Chubby, Front right-Green

My chicks are growing like little weeds. It is extremely cold out right now. It was almost 80 two days ago and tonight we have a frost advisory..go figure.  Here are the first set that were all pullets (girls). They are Buff orpingtons and Jersey Giants. The next picture are my younger straight runs. They were huddled in the coop cause I had the door open. They are Jersey Giants and Golden Laced Wyandottes.

IMG_0819 IMG_0816

You know its cold when the adults no longer feel the need to free range. They decided to all huddle up together right outside the coop.

IMG_0810 Yes people I have a lot of chickens.  I have 27 adults, 8 teens, and 10 preteens. Not all will make it to winter 😉

I still have no turkeys. I had originally wanted 5..he talked me into 8..I called and told his wife I would feel more comfortable with 2 and if they die I will get more lol.  I need to call him because they should be ready this week or next..a friendly reminder I’m still alive and want turkeys never hurt anyone right?

Remember our cute little puppy Diesel?? Well he is now almost 4 months old weights close to 40 lbs and is in his terrible two’s of puppyhood.  I snapped a picture. Sorry its dark, but if I hit the flash it made him look all light colored and he really is not. Look at those EARS!!



My garden shares are coming along great and I already have many cool weather veggies coming up. I am almost ready to pick radishes. I am picking rhubarb tomorrow. I think so far this homestead thing is working great this year!

Hope all is well with your homesteads!

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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5 thoughts on “Another Farm update

  1. They look like friendly lambs

    • aumcchildren

      The girls are. The boys usually take off running away. Cow is kinda friendly. Those three were younger when we got them and I think that helped. Plus we only live on one acre so there isnt much room to roam away from the family.

  2. Oh, you’ve completely changed your blog, haven’t you? I was wondering what happened to you.

    • aumcchildren

      Yeah I figured I’d move everything to our farm name and change the look. I’m not 100% sure I like the layout but it was the best one besides what I had. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update. Glad the sheep are doing better. I am waiting for the warm weather to be here consistently as well. Maybe starting Tuesday? It was 26 here this morning, calling for upper 80’s on Wednesday! Crazy Michigan weather.

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