Skill: New Family Business

Well recently I was reading an article by Joel Salatin. The person asked him at what ages their children started their business and at what age should kids start a business.  He replied his son started around 10 and that kids between 8-10 should be starting a small business.  So it got me thinking, if my children are 11 and 12 they are behind the game!  I dont even know what their passions are. I mean I know my youngest wants to go into the army and the oldest wants to be a policeman..but what business could they start to earn money, learn about responsibility, and would be easy enough for them to do?  So I asked my children..what sort of business would you want to start? The blank stares were enough to say..ok they dont know either.  We took some time to think about it and I asked my youngest son..what would people of our small town use or buy that you could sell year round?

mealwormsThe answer my friends actually came from Old School.  I had posted about my chickens and she suggested growing mealworms. So I suggested it to my son.  I told him these would be easy and people like to fish around here. They can be fed to tank fish and lizards. In the winter you could sell them for people to feed their chickens as extra protein. (People can also eat these, however that is just gross in my opinion.)  He thought that was a great idea!  So we are starting a new business here on our little tiny acre, Mealworm farming.

We ordered mealworms today, bought the containers, bought the bedding, and will go to the grocery store and buy the food.  He will run this himself. Mom put up the start up cost, which will have to be paid back, but he knows that and is excited that he might be able to make money.  It will take some time to get the business off the ground but I am hoping my father will be the first customer. We priced dried mealworms at the store so he can stay competitive. I have a dehydrator so we can easily do the dried worms. I told him I would even buy some until others started. My girls(chickens) would love them.

I hope this will teach my child about real life. If he decides not to go into the army, then he will have a business to fall back on.  This learning opportunity will help him manage the financial part, take care of living creatures, take labor..minor but still labor, he will be learning how to market and sell..I mean what better way to teach a child about life then to have a business of his own?  I am still working on an idea for my older child. He is really into computers. I know my brother could help him by teaching him things..but I think we need to start smaller. I suggested earthworms because again we could sell the worms for fishing and then the poo could be used as fertilizer. He wasn’t all that interested and earthworms take longer to produce then mealworms. I actually did do earthworms for a while, but forgot to water them because I have a million pokers in the fire and you’re bound to forget one. I’ll stick with lambs and chickens.  I opted also to only raise two turkeys this year..if one dies. I dont think I can handle 8 right now on this acre. Live and learn.

Mealworms will be ready mid summer for those who want some. I’m not sure how into this he will be or how large of a scale he wants to do, but all we have to do is beat out everyone else on the web right? lol.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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2 thoughts on “Skill: New Family Business

  1. A few hints if you want a faster return is feed the worms daily and have them in a warmer area. To dry them, put them in the freezer first to kill them.

    Wish your son luck from me 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! I wish him lots of success!

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