Mini Pie

So I was bored. It was raining..again. I had this can of pie filling. Yes..actual store bought, high fructose, cherry pie filling. Shocker I know, but at one point it was for a church dessert and I didnt need it so there it was on the counter.  I decided to try to make mini pies.  The thing about eating store stuff is that my body cant handle a lot. Rather than make a whole pie which normally gets divided into 6 pieces…4 of which gets split between us all and that leaves two for mom and one for dad..sorry kids.. kids shouldnt eat sweets 😉 ,this makes 12 yummy bite size portions that I can actually eat without it upsetting my digestive system.

I started off with homemade pie crust.  The recipe is this:

Plain Pastry-

1 1/2 c sifted all purpose flour- um I dont sift and I only use white wheat

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 c shortening- I used softened butter

4-5 TBS water

I”m sorry but I”m not going to explain how to make a pie crust..if you need to know because your just starting out, watch a youtube video or find a recipe book with instructions.

Ok anyway I took a muffin tin and left it right side up. It said you could make tart shells by doing it over a custard dish or I could have turned it upside down but maybe if I make a chocolate pudding pie or something I’ll do that.  Anyway regular muffin tin, right side up..I rolled my dough out flat with a rolling pin.


Then I found a large soup mug and pressed it in the dough.


Next I took the circle and placed it in my muffin tins. Pardon the stained muffin tins 😉


I placed cherry pie filling in and baked it for 20 minutes. Yummy. Top with a small scoop of homemade ice cream like I did or some whipped cream.


Enjoy and Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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6 thoughts on “Mini Pie

  1. Oh yeah you got something started-Pumpkin!

    • I’m waiting on blueberries lol. I might freeze a few of these and see how they hold up. I’m not much on pumpkin 😦

  2. Hmm…You know this might be a great way to do pot pies and just make the top crust with a canning ring or something… I always use ramekins, but this would be faster. BTW, I used the dry onion soup mix you posted the other day (only I added 1 TBSP of dried minced garlic to it, because I’ve never met a recipe I don’t want to change a little bit). Sprinkled the allotted amount of it on a crock pot chuck roast. It was wonderful.

  3. I think I will make this today! Delicious! I have some rhubarb I put up, I bet that will be good with it.

    • I cant wait..another month and Rhubarb will be abundant! It would taste great in there.. I have two Rhubarb I make ALL the time. I’ll post it once I make it so I can get pictures.

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