sheepWe have started the rotations! We have 7 areas they are able to use and those will be further divided in half as summer grass grows. The only problem I am having is that it keeps raining!  I have two sick sheep..heard a third sneezing. The two worst ones are on antibiotics and thinking maybe I should give this third one a shot as well. We lost a lamb last year to pneumonia and I cant lose three! They seem to be doing well. I just need warm days and it needs to either rain or scattered showers.  We built a new temp shelter on the side of the house which is to the left of the picture. This picture was taking out my bedroom window.  You can see where I had my fence two days ago behind the sheep. I moved it so they could graze the other half of the back yard for the next two days. Our septic is here and it grows like crazy!  Other than that, they seem to be doing well. Still eating and pooping plenty!  The chickens are two paddocks behind them. Going to keep it that way because turkeys will go in between them when they get old enough. So far so good, so keep your fingers crossed there is no drought and that they eat more than they are now..we might still need to mow.  That’s ok because I”m going to experiment with silage for the chickens this year so that they have good green stuff year round.

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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