Big Egg Names

I was curious..sometimes I get that way when I’m bored. People give me egg cartons to repack my farm eggs in. It is amazing where people shop and the different varieties they get. You can learn a lot about eggs by the tax id addresses they provide on the carton.

I grabbed an egg carton and it was very plain. I dont know the store it came from or anything. It didnt have a company on it. On the back of the top it gave the “packed by” and it turns out it was Pearl Valley Eggs.  I saw a picture on the bottom of the website which upsets me but here is a news story done on them. I must say it looks like one of the better commercial egg producers.

On to my next carton. This carton was from Aldi. On the back it says “packed by p.o box blah blah seymour again..research. It turns out that it is from Rose Acre Farms. Did you know that Rose Acre is like the second biggest egg producer with plants all over? Their variety of eggs are listed here and really is just a change in feed. Rose Acre probably produces the eggs you would eat at the store..Eggland Best, Goldenhen, and the Rose Acre brand.

Here is their history..sorry havent looked up youtube or anything to see farming practices.

Kroger eggs come from the 9th largest egg producer called Ft. Recovery Equity Inc. They are also a wholesale grain elevator it says. Really I couldnt find much info at all on it, but they do produce regular and also cage free. I also found a company address listed on the carton for an Automatic Egg Producers in Manchester In but cant find any info at all except an address. You know one of these days I should take a drive..its not that far..They also list an F Highway anderson MO but info..cant even find a company name!

Next carton is Hillandale Farms. They are distributed by them in OH and have three packed by tax id numbers and addresses, OH, PA, IA. Lets look it up shall we…hmm… looks like its the largest producer of eggs around people..we found #1 Cal Maine Foods! Here is their site for your leisure viewing

Wait you have got to read this looks like Rose Acre farms and Cal Maine Foods are all selling Eggland Best…hm…cant imagine why the largest and second largest companies would work together! I found this video on youtube.


Bottom line: Know your farmer and see your chickens and the area they are in before you buy the eggs. If you buy from the store please use only eggs marked with the United Egg Producers Certified eggs. It will have it on the carton if it is.  This at least holds some sort of standard. Here are the standards they set..although it doesnt say how much room cage hens get..its not much but at least you know. Here is the link, just scroll down


If you are close to me, I have eggs for sale 😉 Organic Free range, pastured at $4.75 a dozen. Next month to be soy free!

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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