Eating Healthy

I’m going to address this simply because I think the words Eating Healthy are losing meaning.  What is eating healthy?  I recently decided to have this conversation with my mother and sister.  We all have different “healthy eating.”  I would never eat the way my mom eats healthy and she would never eat the way I eat healthy. My sister falls somewhere in between.  There are people who eat worse than me and people who eat way better than me. There are so many different eating healthy that I try not to even say it anymore.

To my mom eating healthy is eating a low fat, low carb, low sugar diet. She is a diabetic.  She watches what she eats. She only buys the things at the store that say low fat, but then she checks the sugar amount. She only selects the products that will not raise her blood sugar and only eats the serving size. She counts all the carbs in her day and doesnt eat very many veggies. She’s more of a fruit girl.

My sister eats fruits and veggies. She makes smoothies out of store bought yogurt. Everything she buys can be bought at walmart or Aldi. She picks the things that are low fat, low carb and tries her best to eat whole foods when possible and cook from scratch.  Her fridge is full of processed items that seem whole to her because they are simple like a healthy cereal, tortillas, and the canned biscuits.

I eat nothing like my mom   😉 I do not think her way of eating is healthy at all and she feels the same way about me.  I eat kind of like my sister in one aspect and not in another. In our phone conversation the other day, I said, “There is a whole nother level to what you are doing that you dont know about.”  I meant it.  She eats fruits and veggies..but not organic.  She eats meat..but not grassfed. She raised her own hogs…but not on organic feed and not on a pasture.  She seemed a bit confused..I told her it was a conversation for another day because I didnt have time to explain it all.

So how do I eat?? My healthy isnt even to the standard I wish it was!  I’m working on it though.  My healthy is eating meat from the farmer who raised it.  I go to their house, I buy the beef or pork. If it is beef it is grassfed, no grain.  If it is pork it is pastured and fed organic grain.  If it is chicken it is mine. Now on organic grain..soon to be soy free (stinking feed place 😦 )  If it is lamb it is mine, pastured, grassfed.  We hunt rabbit and squirrel and also deer, although deer eat GMO corn and soy..not the best..but free meat..I can live with that.  I drink milk straight from the cow. The cow has no antibiotics or hormones given. It is pastured when they can and also fed corn that they grow themselves. It is not organic though I wish it was, but at this point I cant do jersey milk..its just too rich for me both in cream and in price!  I at least know the way the cow is raised and I can visit and pet her if I choose to. Fruits and veggies are grown from my own garden or neighbors who dont use pesticides or sprays. If I buy from the store I buy organic on as much as I can and also try to stay in the US if possible. I buy bulk organic wheat berries, bulk organic rice, organic pasta. I make my own bread, muffins, waffles and anything else I can with as many organic items as possible. We do not eat breakfast cereal at all and eat real butter. I use olive oil, coconut oil, butter, or animal fats when I cook.

What I wish we did better…cut out potato chips. My family eats them like candy, probably because we dont eat that anymore. Condiments, spices, chips, ice cream cones, soda pop, some soups like cream of X for cooking, white sugar, cheese slices, and lunch meats are still our downfall.  I honestly will never give up condiments. We hardly use them and its not worth my time to make them. I’ll go to Whole foods now and purchase the best ones I can find. Spices..another whole food solving issue. I cant find organic here in town.  Ice cream cones…well that is my hubby and I say something to him to please not buy them because I can make ice cream and do, he doesnt listen..they taste too good. Soda pop..the kids and I usually dont drink it. Its a treat thing, but my husband drinks it like water so its always here. Drives me nuts! The cream of X soups I am really trying to get rid of. I have about 10 more cans of cream of chicken and then they are gone for good. White sugar, well I use a lot of sugar in baking and canning of jellies. It is the best solution at the moment until I can find organic raw sugar in 20 lb bags for a decent price. Even then the sugar is processed, but I cant afford organic rapadura. Whole foods did have sugar canes though so I will look up what I can do with those. Cheese slices…well I’m going to pay the extra and go raw cheddar cheese bricks that cost $50 and tell them to never eat cheese lol. Lunch meats right now are store bought nitrate free ones. I really want to be able to find a way to have maybe some nitrate free ham shaved instead..or maybe I can do sort of a pulled pork thing with chicken or turkey..not sure what to do for that just yet. That is all I can think of besides chocolate. As little as I use, mostly for mood control, I’ll stick with a dark hersey brick. I also wish I fermented more, but the kids dont seem to like veggie maybe that just isnt for us.

Well now you know how I do you eat??


Happy Homesteading!!   😀


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15 thoughts on “Eating Healthy

  1. I try to eat as many whole foods as I can, but like your sister I find myself falling back on cereals and breads and the such. I’m working on it though!
    Also, do your farmers charcoal-filter their water that they use on their crops? Because the abount of hormones in our current tap water is kind of crazy. Just the amount of estrogen alone is huge!

    • no body around here organic or not filters their water with charcoal. We drink filtered tap water but not use if brita uses charcoal or what..we use rain water to water our garden when we can because that doesnt require electricity.

      • That’s fair. It’s just with how many chemichals are in tap and ground water if I were trying to lower the chemicals in my diet I’d charcoal filter. Also Brita is usually a charcoal-based filter if I recall correctly.

      • I think I am going to get my water tested because it taste different than it did a few years ago..I almost cant drink it now and I used to love it.

      • Your municipality may have changed their normal filtering process. I hope your results aren’t too scary!

      • We live in the country, mother nature filters ours..she doesnt use charcoal.

  2. We generally eat very well. Most meals are meat, veg, starch, fruit with goat’s milk once a day. We are fortunate to have a Food Co-op that is 90% organic, 95% foods grown in our own state. We also have a Trader Joe’s. We buy our beef and pork from a farm in the next county and sometimes our chicken. But there are days when I just want to make a batch of chicken legs, not a whole chicken so I do get the pasture-raised chicken legs from TJ’s. Most of the time I cook everything from scratch, but when I am sick I have been known to buy TV dinners or deli food from the store deli. Lunch meat we either get Applegate Farms or Boar’s Head which are hard to find in some areas. We actually have to purchase our Boar’s Head meat from a sandwich shop that gets it and will sell it to us sliced by the pound. It is the only place that carries it.

    I grow what I can and can what I grow as much as possible. And of course we raise hens for eggs, rabbits for meat, and will be doing meat chickens in May. I bake my own bread, rolls, buns, and biscuits most of the time.

    We still buy a lot of tortilla chips and probably always will. They are made with non-GMO corn and non-GMO oil, but are not organic. We could make our own, but I’m not going to. The salsa or cheese we eat them with is organic. We very seldom drink soda, but when we do it is made with sugar and not with high fructose corn syrup.

    • Whole foods just opened yesterday so all the “treats” my family just cant get away from will now be bought there so at least they will be organic and processed 🙂 Sounds like you guys are eating fairly well!

  3. maplecreekcottage

    Not even close to eating that well so ladies….
    keep on EDUCATING US!! These are all wonderful pushes in the right direction, I definitely enjoy pouring over all the things you are implementing so that I might have a clue what to do around here. Thank you!!

  4. Sounds like my efforts have been more similar to yours than to your mom’s and sister’s. Here’s where I started:

    We get raw milk that I like now, but I still don’t have a taste for raw butter or cheese. And I am hoping to grow enough tomatoes this year that I won’t have to buy any in cans for a year. The only cereal in the house is grape nuts, which is processed in a less damaging way. I have mostly given up wheat but Mark and Amy still eat it. We do white rice that I get in bulk at the Indian grocery. I have been experimenting with alternative flours — I don’t want to make a gluten free bread or anything like that, but more for occasional cookies or pies or cornbread — found a great cornbread recipe that uses chickpea flour and cornmeal. In the back of my mind I’m thinking about how most corn is GMO and I ought to either give it up or find organic corn products…

    I make kombucha and enjoy it well enough. I can eat my sauerkraut in small portions once in a while. I have yet to make a pickle I really like.

  5. Awesome blog! We try to eat as well as possible and I try to make as much as I can from scratch. We have a ‘Sprouts’ and a ‘Whole Foods’ pretty close by, which makes it easy to stay as local, as un-processed, and as ‘raw’ as possible. The Farmer’s Markets rock out here, and my backyard is a veggie-production during growing season! Our family sounds like yours 😉 (I think our hubby’s are long lost brothers ;-)) … I just found out that my daughter has an allergy/intolerance to cow’s milk and I am having to research and re-do some of her dairy needs…One never stops learning! Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Are you drinking raw milk? or store milk? I cannot drink store milk but I can drink raw milk. If she is still having trouble with raw try goats milk. There are still a lot of farmers who will sell goats milk as pet food.

  6. We are getting our milk from a dairy here in town – they actually deliver it to your doorstep – wonderful. I don’t think it’s raw. We’re trying Coconut and Almond milk (from the store) right now and it’s working great! We’ll have to look into raw and goat. Thanks for the pointers!

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