Making a Switch

Well I know it’s been a long time since I blogged. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about any of you   😉

Here is the lowdown on the homestead:

1. The chicks are getting big. The first batch of 8 are almost ready for the chick area in the coop. The second batch of 10 are waiting to move into the dog crate currently occupied by the first set.  The turkeys are going to arrive around May 1st. Phew cause I have no room right now!

2. Lambs are here and doing well. The white females are super friendly and I really think I will keep one or both for breeding. It really depends on how they fill out and if they have the traits I want. They certainly have the temperament.  We are still feeding on hay. I’m waiting for the first rain fall which was suppose to be tonight but I think wont be for a few more days. Then I can start my rotations around my yard. Well ok I need a solar fence charger first..but thats just a measly too hundred dollars   😯

3. Diesel is becoming a great farm dog. He likes the cats, is trying to herd sheep, and is eating poop. All the markings of a great farm dog lol. He is 9 weeks old today and one ear is trying to stand, the other flops over, so he looks all weird right now.

4. I have my garden marked out(almost) into the 4 plots I’ve sold. I have my regular peas planted.

So now the newest development.  I know I am probably jumping the gun on this but I am making a switch.  I have been unable to eat my own eggs for months. It is a little disappointing to know that others enjoy them, yet you cant even eat one or you are spending the day praying to the porcelain god. Since my god says, “no other gods before me” I have to make a switch to a chicken feed that will enable me to eat my eggs.  Here is the problem…at the moment I bring all my eggs to church.  I have a box that says chicken feed donations. I ask $1 at least although some pay me $2.50..some dont pay at all.  A lot are on a fixed income and love getting eggs from me. I love giving them eggs, but in order to eat eggs that means I have to go buy eggs at $5 a dozen.

If I were to charge what this feed I currently use costs me, I would have to charge $3.35 a dozen. That is run of the mill feed.  So the donations I have been getting is paying for about half my feed bill, if I am lucky.  The new feed is organic, non-soy and is more expensive so I would have to charge $4.75 a dozen just to make the cost.

It really is a dilemma because I love seeing the smiling old lady faces as I hand them eggs. Sometimes they forget their money and I just say dont worry about it.  I would love to continue this, but I want to eat my eggs!!  I love chickens and their personalities rock..but I cant split my flock and feed half this and half that just so I can continue to get half my feed paid for, for half my chickens.  I am switching all my girls to the new feed later this week. I will go tuesday and pick up enough for one month and mix it partially with what I have to wean them off of it and onto the new.  I will make an announcement at church that will break the hearts of all those little ol ladies, that I have to get $4.75 a dozen to pay for feed.

They honestly could care less if it were organic feed I’m sure. They just know they are better eggs than those at the store, but I have a soft heart.  I figure maybe if I can give away 6 dozen eggs away a month at church to those little ol ladies (which would cause me to eat $28 that week of my feed costs), if I use 3 dozen a month..then I only have to find some people to buy the remaining 15 dozen.   😦  I think it is going to be a hard sell in this area, but hopefully someone will see that pastured, organic, soy free eggs are worth the $4.75 a dozen.

Happy Homesteading!!   😀


Side Note:  Just went outside to feed the pup and noticed a chicken walked around the house and ALL the chickens were out..they had eaten all my peas and messed up what I had done in my garden..grr..chickens.. Anyway..I’ve replanted the peas and all is well.

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3 thoughts on “Making a Switch

  1. I took a look around your blog to see if I could find out how you are feeding your chickens now. Sorry but I can’t find it. How do you know switching feed will work and what feed to try? I know someone that does there best not to have to spend any money on feed or as little as possible.

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