Hectic Easter

Easter-Desktop-Wallpapers-03Some years I wonder why I do this Easter thing.  You have to understand that normally people get up and make a meal..that is their hectic Easter, for me it’s church.  You don’t know hectic until you do it for the Lord   😉

Easter for me starts on Munday Thursday with the Passover meal at our church. It is a great time of gathering and feasting, communion, and fellowship. There is no where I’d rather be then to celebrate Passover with my friends and family and remember the Passover Jesus shared with his disciples.  After this Thursday service, then comes Good Friday. Good Friday is great. The house gets cleaned for upcoming Easter, the kids are home and not on school, the hubby is home, it makes for a great family day. Then there is church that night. Good Friday service at our church is traded with a neighboring church. One year they host and the next year we host.  The church that hosts Good Friday does not host Sunrise service.  This year it was our church for Good Friday.

I sing in the choir at church so that means commitment.  You have to be at every service to sing.  So Good Friday service, although at our church, is not something I would normally attend. My husband is not a believer but supports my church habit.  So we sing Good Friday service.  Saturday is our day of rest. I’m so glad there is not a holy day that Saturday..no offence God.

Sunday is crazy.  A good crazy, but I feel like I am running like a chicken with my head cut off.  So my Sunday starts with a 5:45 wake up call. Yes that is A.M people!  I get up, throw on clothes, and head out the door to the neighboring church..which happens to be 15 minutes away.  We practice for the choir before church starts so we can get sound checks and what nots done, then we have sunrise service at 7.  Once that is done, the hosting church feeds us breakfast. I have to watch my time very carefully because I have kids at home and we need to be at our church at 8:30.

Off to regular service to our church, then home to cook the meal that normal people have already started in their oven while I was attending sunrise service. Good thing the house is clean right? I really try to pawn my family off on someone else for Easter..someone who does not spend from the crack of dawn (literally) till noon in church.  This year was no exception. I got my mom to host a dinner instead of a lunch this year.  I am still making a ham, but at least I can relax for a bit.

Here is a look at what my typical time schedule was today.

5:15am- wake up because I am afraid I’ve slept through my alarm..only to find out I have 30 minutes left

5:15-5:45am- lay awake because if I fall alseep I will surely sleep through my alarm now!

5:45-6am- grab the yogurt out of the dehydrator and put it in the fridge, change the food and water in the chick areas, let the dogs out to potty and put them back in crates, get dressed, grab choir robe and folder and head out the door.

6am-6:15- go get gas because my light will come on if I dont and arrive at the Walnut Church

6:15-6:30- wait for all the sleepy heads to arrive because apparently they cant tell time

6:30-7:45- warm ups, sing the song we will sing-twice, then have sunrise service

7:45- 8- scarf down breakfast that will make me sick because it is full of msg and all the other bad stuff my body can no longer handle, but I have to eat because I am STARVING!

8-8:15- drive home to get my kids, feed the dogs

8:15-8:30-forget the recorder for the sermon, forget the 6 dozen eggs I bring each week to church, but at least I brought myself and my kids to church

8:30-9am- sound check at the church, sing both songs we will sing, keep track of the boys because they are acolytes, make sure we all have flowers for the living cross and try to relax.

9-9:30- attempt to save an entire pew for the family, still try to keep my kids in eyesight, and say hi to people I havent seen since last Easter.

9:30-11- Church service

11-11:30- chat with dad over a cup of coffee after the service because he always wants to have a cup of coffee, even if I am seeing him in 6 hours.

11:45 Arrive home and take a deep breath, get some lunch, and write a blog since I’ve pawned off Easter on someone else   😀

Normally I would arrive home, throw the ham in and start the potatoes and all the other stuff that needed to be done by 1 in order to eat.  SOOOO glad I am not doing this, this year.  It is a hectic morning filled with singing, praising, traveling, singing, praising, traveling..but you know I don’t think I would know what to do if I didnt do it.  How boring it would be to not get up at dawn and sing praises of the stone being rolled away…the people finding out that Jesus was not there…to worship the man who rose from the grave and gave everlasting life to all of us.  Its the sort of hectic day that is welcomed.  I have so much fun although it is tiring.  The one thing that makes the day all worth it is this…..

IMG_0753This is our living cross.  We start our service with a bare brown, rusty wire covered cross.  An ugly cross that symbolizes all that Jesus had to take on himself, the pain, the brokenness, the sin, ugly life we were living and we transform that cross into a living cross that symbolizes hope, love, joy, everlasting life, life worth living.  Every year I just cant get enough of it.  I stare at that cross and see the beauty that is Jesus. It fills my heart with joy to see it transform from brown ugly, to bright and beautiful.  It makes me glad I am a Christian and makes me glad that my Lord Jesus died to give me everlasting life.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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One thought on “Hectic Easter

  1. That living cross is a lovely tradition.

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