Wondermill Jr.

I’m officially a homesteader!  Well ok I was a homesteader before, but it is amazingwondermill-wonder-junior-hand-mill how a new piece of equipment makes you feed all homesteady  😉   So I got a Wondermill Deluxe Jr with Drill bit adapter.  I went all out.  I did research and decided I wanted a hand crank. Why? Because electric cant make nut butters, or grind flax seed, or crush herbs for tea that’s why!

My son and I tried it out. Let me just say if you dont lift 40-50 lb feed bags regularly, hay bales, or chase chickens..forget about turning the handle.  I read the reviews.  I heard it was fairly hard to turn, but nut butter…flax seed…tea… that is why I bought the drill bit adapter!  My son could turn the handle if it was on super course and you ran the flour through twice. I could turn it with hardly any trouble but the problem comes endurance.  I have none. I could probably grind about a cup of flour, but anymore and I’d be dead.

I did manage to “break in” my burrs. It came with steel burrs and stone burrs. The stone definitely are easier to use and grind flour wonderful. The steel are for the nut butters and oily seeds. They suck to get going and grind rough.  I did not try the drill bit adapter though. Just wanted to make sure it worked and that when I grind my next batch of flour I wont have tiny pieces of stone in it.

All in all I am happy with the purchase. It is a very well built little machine. It is worth the cost for sure. Definitely get the drill bit adapter.  I look forward to grinding my own Echinacea tea this year!


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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3 thoughts on “Wondermill Jr.

  1. wow lucky you

  2. What’s it made out of? It looks like plastic. Or is it just painted metal?

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