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Spring has sprung, except the weather. I have flowers trying to bloom, trees budding, and baby animals all around.  Mother nature needs to get the memo so that I can get the garden started already.  Today I’m just going to write to tell you what the heck is going on around here.  I know we all get busy and I am trying to faithfully blog about something, even if it isnt super interesting.  I’m just a mom you know on a 1 acre zoo. Nothing interesting really happens here.

Lambs– They are eating a lot. It is amazing how much difference between 2 lambs and hay versus 6 lambs and hay. Not that I am worried about runnin out before spring…or maybe I should be with the way things are going!  They are super cute. The white females baaa all the time. The boys just let them do all the work of calling me for food lol.  All our males are uncut and will be banded here this week. All but the best one to my eye.  I’ll leave that chore to my husband   🙂

Chickens– I still have 26 hens and one rooster. The rooster is still separated until I need to move chicks. My girls are molting again..sigh..hurry up already! They seemed to have just molted a few months ago! I have the rooster separate because last year I had naked backed girls running around with sunburn.  I am getting around 12 eggs a day from the girls and they have slowed up on the feed. It looks almost full and shouldnt be. I’m not going to complain. I already told my husband I am switching to organic non-soy food either next month or the month after. I found that I can tolerate one egg on organic non-soy feed, but cant tolerate any at all on the feed I have. It also helps my stomach when I use them in baking too.  Its amazing how much something as simple as soy can make a difference. Of course  you wouldnt think I would be surprised because milk is different too. Problem with the feed is I would have to charge $5 a dozen just to break even!

Chicks– I have right now 8 chicks that are 2 weeks old. They are almost fully feathered. Probably another week or two and I can move them out to the chicken coop. I have a separate chick area that they go in for another month without outdoor access and then I can open it up and let them out into a run with a fenced top. No hawk is going to get my babies!  Then last night my other 10   9 chicks arrived. Some lady bought one of my jersey giants before I got there. Nice.. oh well. They said they would get more in next week and would call for my one chick. Sheesh..  Anway they are all cute and little tiny things sleeping a lot under the heat light.  Good thing I have a fail proof system of rotation here!  Ok might not be fail proof, but the turkeys havent come yet and that is the only hitch I could see coming in my plan.

Turkeys– Still to come…they were laying eggs beginning of March..the guy said he would call when they were born and he was going to keep them for a week to give them a running chance.  I dont need a running chance because he said if I buy 8 I should end up with the 5 I need. Well I’m a stay at home mom and keep all these babies in my living room so the chances of dying are slim to none.. The running chance will ensure I have 8 turkeys which is too much since we over bought on lambs!

Pup– You know how when you have a puppy it just licks you to death!  I mean you can sit quietly without the thing jumping and wanting to lick your face. Yeah..well….I dont have that.  This pup doesnt know how to lick apparently.  All the thing does is eat, sleep, poop, play with our other dog, and bite.  Everywhere you go..bites your pants. You’re sitting on the couch.. bites your feet. It is sitting with you on the couch..biting your hands, arms or anything else. Laying nicely with you..turns and bites you on the face. He is just playing but goodness. This is why you shouldn’t get a puppy less than 8 weeks. You have to teach it too much. The mom should be doing this, but now it falls on me. So the  update is that the pup is he is crate trained!! He will ring the bells at the door if you are near the door and ask him if he has to go potty. If yes he will paw at the bells.  If no, he will walk away. If you are not near the door, dont ask, he pees on the floor lol.  90% of the time when he comes in he will sit on the rug next to the door. You can wipe his feet, but he will bite you as you do it so we are still working on that. I am now teaching him to kiss.  Yes I showed him by licking him on the face, avoiding the bites. I said kiss and licked him a few times. We worked on it for a while. I could make the motion with my tongue and he would try to lick. It seemed very hard for him to grasp the concept of no teeth with that lick   😉 but it is a work in progress.  He is doing well.  If I teach him to “bite” and to “kiss” then when I need him to bite he will. Just have to get him down to not biting people unless I tell him too.  He is only 7 weeks so I’ll give him time. As my friend said, “He’s only a minute old!”

Well that’s what is going on around my farm at the moment. Hopefully I can put in my peas and mark out my garden shares this weekend. They say 50 but since snow is on the ground it is a little hard to believe.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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