The Lambs are here!

I know you all are wanting pictures, but we just got home a little bit ago and I dont have any. I will take some tomorrow. They need to settle in for the night.

So my husband and I go to the sale barn and check out the lambs. He sees ones in pen F. They were white. There were 4 in a group. He decided those were it.  So as we were walking out, I pointed out a group of Suffolk. There were 4 of them also. He nods and we go out.  As they are calling the lambs the Suffolk come out..and he starts bidding! I”m like what are you doing?? you didnt like those..he said he wants to just bid and go home. Nice.. in his defense lambs were suppose to be at 3pm and they didnt even roll through till 5.  Anyway he bids and we buy. Before he can leave he sees another lamb. “Boy that is a nice lamb.”  I said ok well if we are going to get any more I want white ones because you can dye the wool.  So we wait for those group of 4 because there was a group of 2 in there with them.  I told him that we could possibly support 2 more if I used the front yard for grazing. At first he was like no..then I told him I would do it while he was at work. He seemed fine with that. So there they came..and there he bid.

All in all it was a long day, but we walked away with 4 intact male suffolks (one is a mix as it is spotty) and then two female white.  They are cute as buttons right now.  You’ll just have to imagine them until I get some pictures up. Right now they are eating me out of house and home. They must not have had anything to eat in a while cause man did they go through the hay tonight!

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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