New Pup

So yesterday I told you we were picking up our new pup on Saturday. I really wish I could have brought him home, but we are already taking it earlier than I would really like to. The only reason I am ok with taking it is because I already have a stable, healthy dog to teach it doggy manners.  I will have to do plenty of playdates with my friend who has 9 dogs so that he is sure to learn what is and is not acceptable dog behavior.

Diesel1I thought I would take this time to introduce you to the new guy before we get him.  Here is his first picture. We have named him Diesel. He is a purebred German Shepherd with a German grandma. My neighbor said he didn’t look “pure.” In case you don’t know, German Shepherds come in a nice range of colors. They can be white, almost all tan, tan and black like you see normally in police dogs, mostly black with some tan markings, or totally black.  Usually the ones who have German lines will tend to be more black with tan markings which is why it didnt look pure to her.  They tend to not have the slope down the back like the American tan and black and will be more stocky instead of sleek. Basically I’m saying that dogs with German lines tend to be Tank like  🙂

So as a family we, of course, had to sit down and preplan him arriving. We spent Wed and Thurs cleaning the house. I told the kids to lay on their stomachs and crawl around looking in their room for anything they thought could be chewed or eaten, and to put it up! They cleaned their rooms mega well and I spent my day washing down my entire kitchen. It just needed it.  Then I hit the living room, our bedroom, and the bathroom.  We also had to set up rules. It was fairly easy because we decided to keep the same rules that we had for Lacy.  So here are some rules we are putting into place. Most are from watching mega episodes of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.

  1. When the dog goes out, whoever is taking the dog out goes first, then the dog.
  2. The dog will walk by our side or behind us on walks. No tugging on leash, whining at dogs, no sniffing the ground, and no marking.
  3. When the dog re-enters the house, the dog must step on the rug next to the door and sit. We will then wipe it’s paws and after we are done the dog must sit again and wait until we say “ok”, then it may leave.
  4. When the humans eat, the dog must lay on the floor in the living room, if we are in the kitchen or away from us if we are eating in the living room.
  5. Dogs will eat after the humans have eaten and after a walk.
  6. After eating, dogs will be crated for 30 minutes for quiet time. This will help with potty training and will help prevent possible bloat.
  7. Dogs will sit, give us eye contact, we will set the food on the floor and they will sit and continue to give us eye contact until we say “ok”, then they can eat.
  8. Dog can only eat the toys and bones in their crate. Nothing else is eatable.
  9. Just because it is on the floor doesnt make it the dogs. If we chose to take it, we can and will.
  10. No playing tug of war with the dog.
  11. Fetch will be played, but the dog must give us eye contact before we throw the ball..not give the ball eye contact.
  12. The dogs must not bite hard when they play. If the dog bites too hard a “yelp” will be given by the person and play discontinued.
  13. No squeaky toys. Our other dog is afraid of them, and the squeak might encourage the prey drive of the dog by mimicking the killing of an animal.
  14. Obedience needs to be practiced everyday and by everyone in the family. That way the dogs know we require them to obey all of us.
  15. When someone comes to the door, the dog is encouraged to go to the door and bark.  When we tell the dog to be quiet, it needs to stop barking and sit on the rug next to the door as we let the person in. Once the person is in we will give the “ok” command to release the dog from staying there.
  16. The dogs will not eat or chase any animals. Period..all animals.
  17. No one entering our home is to touch, talk, or look at the dog until the dog has sniffed them and the dog is in a calm and submissive state of mind.

Those are the main rules we will be teaching and requiring. I dont think it is too much to ask. The hardest one will be 16 for my parents who enter and then immediately pet Annie who is jumping up on them. I already yelled at them, but they just shook it off and kept doing it.  Grr parents lol.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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4 thoughts on “New Pup

  1. omg I would never be able to do this. No wonder I have never had a puppy. lol

    • Yes you could. It is only making the dog have manners and toning down certain instincts. It is easy once you get into a routine to let the dog in and wipe their feet. Having them sit before and after makes it so you can take your coat off and stuff without your dog running into your white carpet after playing in the mud lol. You can always make your own set of rules. These are just ours. 🙂 I’m more worried about the crate and potty training!

      • now where is that embarrassed emot… my house I am the slave and the critters are the bosses lol

      • We had to change that because the dogs were chasing cats, trying to eat chickens, and taking off down to other people’s houses! It is amazing how a few rules put them back to normal animals.

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