Getting Ready

Well as you know from my last post there has been some drama over the last three weeks. I had to give my dog Lacy back to the shelter. We had no way of keeping her when we would leave to go somewhere and her problem was getting worse. The day we went to take her back I took a shower and just with me being on the other side of the door she was whining and wanting in. Now when it comes down to that..we have an issue. I had no way of knowing or helping her so it was the best choice. I let the shelter know everything I knew good and bad about her so that the new owner wouldnt have any surprises coming. She really was an extremely intelligent dog, so hope she gets adopted soon.

We had to sit down as a family. Where do we go from here? We still feel it is time to add a dog. Besides the problem, having another dog just felt right.  So we sat down and discussed our options. We searched through the local shelters, looked online at some German Shepherd rescues and decided that we would opt for a breeder.  I really hate using breeders. I know I used to be one..but I know all these poor dogs in shelters need homes! I dont really care what kind of dog we long as it is the right dog. Hubby is not that way. He wanted a German Shepherd, no if ands or buts about it.  Our only option really was a breeder unless we wanted to search large cities.

Our main concern with another shelter dog is what would it be like?  Annie was perfect almost. Lacy was near with one big issue. We know we are moving sometime this year and will have lots of animals.  It is very hard to know if a shelter dog will tolerate cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and cats. I need something that will live with all of them. I need something that doesnt have too much of a problem.  I am pretty dog educated, but there are somethings I just cant do such as mental issues. I can train behaviors out, but with everything I have going on, I need an easy route to start. So we decided to get the puppy and then we know it shouldnt have issues and can be raised with everything we have. I looked at two group of pups and found a medium level energy dog that I am sure will fit nicely into the family.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀



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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. thatoldschoolgirl

    Have you thought about asking your vet rather then a breeder?

    Often “farm” dogs need a new home but after weeks in a shelter the training is gone. I have found that “unwanted” farm dogs have been a bit training by the mother before they are given up for a new home.

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