Bad day

Sigh.. I have to write because I need some opinions.  I have had a bad day and it is getting me thinking of alot of stuff.  Mainly whether or not to keep this dog I got from the humane society.  I love her. She is a good dog, but her prey drive is REALLY strong. I have to have an ecollar on her just to keep her from eating my cats and chickens.  I thought I could train her to leave them alone and I still might be able to but here is my story. Just know I’m at the moment crying because I want to make it work so bad, but…

She has SEVERE separation anxiety.  She has destroyed my crate. By destroyed I mean she has found a way to slide the  metal pan out and she has broken and bent the bars so badly on the bottom that we will have to cut them in order to make the pan fit back in the bottom. She escaped today from her crate in 16 minutes.  I cant even leave the house for 5 minutes before she is barking horribly, digging, and destroying the crate.  I have tried leaving her out and she paces the ENTIRE time we are gone, barks, and whines. She isnt even fine when I leave and others are home.  I cant walk outside to do a 5 minute chore, or get the mail 50 feet from the house without her pacing, whining, and trying to get out. She has climbed on my table to see out the window and has knocked things out of my window sill in the living room because she climbs up to see out.

I would love to take her with me everywhere I go, but that isnt possible. I have to go grocery shopping and cant leave her in the car or she will hurt herself destroying it trying to get out to me.  She is big..she is a german shepherd. How do I bring her to my sisters, brothers, moms everytime I visit if they dont want her there?  She has to be able to stay at home, but the crate at this point is not even useable to put her up tonight for bed.  She will crate if someone is there and will not do anything. As long as I am home and she knows it, she would stay in there wonderful all day!  Yet if I leave she starts attacking the crate within 5 minutes.

I am a farmer. I have a mini farm now.  I am super worried, because she is trying to eat the chickens and cats, that she will eat my turkeys that arrive in a month, and  my lambs that might be here this weekend.  My farm will only get larger. We plan on moving where there are woods.. so she then will be chasing squirrels and rabbits, birds, deer…..anything that moves she wants to eat.  Today I had a chick in my hand and she tried to eat it right out of my hand!  She about bit the head off.

I know that my emotions are running high right now, but at the moment I see the only place for her is somewhere that has a person home ALL the time with no animals what so ever and who would never be able to crate her or leave anything on the counters of their house.  It has taken a LOT of work over the last two weeks to get her to be the way she is. I just dont know if I should put more work in her or how I will be able to function on a farm. I have to be outside and if she eats everything I own then she cant come with. I cant constantly shock her with the ecollar if I am trying to do chores and my attention needs to be elsewhere.  I cant even imagine what it will be like when garden season comes.  If I tie her outside she will bark and bark for hours.  I cant see a light at the end of the tunnel right now.  If I could see a ray of hope I dont think I would be writing.  I know if I bring her back and tell them what is going on, they will put her down.  I dont want her to live a life of high anxiety over everything, nor do I want her to live a life of solitude because I have to be outside all summer and she chases everything that moves, nor do I want to see her die because I couldnt handle her.

Please give me your opinions. I feel like I am giving up on her and that I’ve let her down..but I dont know how much more I can go on when it is just so bad.


Not a very Happy Homestead…  :’ (

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7 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. What about calling in a professional dog trainer that comes to your home to do the training so they can stop the bad behaviors in the place where most of them occur? There are several companies that do that. Just google for it. If you really want to keep the dog, the investment would be worthwhile. It sounds like her problems are beyond what you are able to deal with right now and still run a farm.

  2. Janice Treesh

    I know u better than most people and I know for a fact you have not let her down, you have done your best and that is a hell of a lot. If she would show improvement there would not be a problem but she only gets worse. You know how I feel about dogs. I have seen her first hand. You have basekley made up your mind and I support you all the way. Love you girl

  3. I wish I knew anything about dogs that would be useful, but I mainly wanted to say that I can hear your frustration and dismay. Big hug to you, and may God provide you with wisdom, clarity, and encouragement.

  4. Cannot offer advice but I said a prayer that you will come through this hardship!

  5. thatoldschoolgirl

    I think she needs a new family that can address her needs without risk to other animals.

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