Chain Reaction

A lot of people wonder why I get distracted and never call them back.  I always have good intentions but it’s not my fault. It’s due to the chain reaction.  A lot of homesteaders get it. They don’t mean to. Even people who work in normal jobs get it too, but it’s not as severe.

Here is my chain reaction for the day.

  1. Decide that the kitchen rugs are looking bad, they need a wash.
  2. Due to the 6-8 inches of snow outside, I had to shake them out in the kitchen.
  3. Due to the dirt on the floor, I need to sweep the kitchen.
  4. Now that the kitchen is swept it looks dirty and needs to be mopped.
  5. Oh wait there are a ton of dishes so I can’t put water in the sink to mop.
  6. Child who is wiping and putting away dishes says the canning jars are full.
  7. Organize canning jars to make space for empty boxes.
  8. Now the dishes are done, so I mop the floor.
  9. Take the rugs to the washer..darn its already full of clothes that need to be washed.
  10. Go to put them into the dryer when done and ooops it’s full as well, so fold laundry.
  11. Put clothes into the dryer and finally wash the rugs.

Dude!! 11 steps to washing the rugs!!  And they wonder what we do all day. Just think, if everything you did had an 11 chain reaction, you’d be busy all day!


Happy Chain Reaction Homesteading!!   😀

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2 thoughts on “Chain Reaction

  1. thatoldschoolgirl

    🙂 good someone else that does “hamster wheel” thinking lol

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